"PMPCM" 3rd. September

"PMPCM" = Puasa Month Putrajaya Critical Mass

We're back after the successful horror rides under the moonlight of Bukit Limau Manis.
No more of the hellish climbs in total darkness. It's gonna be some unusual route though but you shud expect the normal flatties. It's gonna roll late - so we aint gonna wait.

Date: Friday, 3rd September 2010

Venue: Palace of Justice, Putrajaya
Meet time: 11.00pm. (After solat Tarawih lah....)
Rock and Rollin': 11.30pm
Don't forget to bring helmets, lights & bikes!


abot said...

September PCM?

Tune Your Life said...

Salam 1 Malaysia,

Kempen Pemutihan Hutang, tune your website to tune-ur-life.blogspot.com. Terbuka kepada Kakitangan Kerajaan / Swasta / Bekerja Sendiri. Ccris / Ctos / Blacklist layak memohon. Tempat Terhad !!!


- Wassalam -