3rd Ramadan Friday Nite Ride 270810

Yeah... It wasn't for the faint hearted. Even though they had to push their ride up the Limau Manis Hill, they persevered & gritted their molars.

3 fabulous weeks in a row we did the "unsangkarable" / unthinkable. Like I said "It's gonna be one hellova ride" & once I made my promise, there's no turnin back. We didn't turn back all right. We rode on - in darkness...

Darkness looms to the doom...

Either you climb 2km or you push.

The conquerors!

Ayie in a trance - "Mambang ijo, mambang kunin, mambang kelbau taik anjin..."
Asking 4D numbers.

Thank u guys for putting up with my crazee route.

If you're meek & faint hearted, this is not the ride for you!
Eerie darkness of Bukit Limau Nipis or the graveyard of Putrajaya

Date: Friday 27 August 2010
Starting point: Mamak Double Trouble, Jalan P9E, Precinct 9
Time: after Tarawih at 11:00pm

*Route will be decided on the nite itself!

Map to Mamak Double Trouble, Jalan P9E. Not the route!

Selamat menunaikan ibadah puasa.

*During Ramadan, there's a special ride every Friday nite after Tarawih at 11:00pm onwards.
Starting point - Mamak Double Trouble, Precinct 9.


Anonymous said...

caya la lu....

Haris said...

Thanks Man CIOCC for the update! - Haris (the dude wearing Liquigas)

Man CIOCC said...

No problemo Haris,
Enjoyed the slow ride coupled with the sounds of cicadas & crickets.

Thanks for riding with us.

chong search said...

nice mass mate!