2nd Ramadan Friday Nite Ride 200810

Humanoids! It was an adventurous ride - Friday 200810
29 riders rode up the Bukit Limau Manis in TOTAL DARKNESS!

I was late for an hour but it didn't stop the clan to wait-up, & so they waited for the head of the clan to arrival. Upon arrival, we rendezvoused with Jakiko & his gang at the Palace of Justice.

This midnite ride was full off ghouls of the wheelin kind which merrily rolled along like a drunken sailor towards darkness.

After sailin through Kampng Limau Manis, we climbed the lovable Limau Manis Hill. It was a love-hate relationship for some as quite a few succumbed to the unforgiving slope.

One had to push till the top for about a KM!

Wak Jali - 52 year otai was tough. A V sign was flashed to signal that we finally conquered the hilltop.

The odd 29

If u say thet goin up is tough - Gettin down the slope is even crazier. I dunno how these Fixie Boys managed to pull this stunt. On the left pix u could see that fella jamming his left foot behind the back tyre, whereas this chap below preferred to skid & do the snake.

One wrong calculation your tyre will burst!

Skidding & smiling with a glee

Ghost of CIOCC & the Clan

Zul, Azizan Fixie & the Fixie boys.

Sam Tabligh & his touring bike.

What can I say? 1st week we had 10 riders. 29 on this nite is one hellova ride. I can't ask for more. Lets make it merrier for the 3rd week. See you on the Fiday, 27th August, 11pm at the Mamak Double Trouble, Precinct 9, Putrajaya.

Thank you everybody!

Jalan P9e - Limau Manis - Jalan Ayer Hitam

Google route