d Mass is Critical 4 Ibrahim - 30 July 2010

Al Fatihah.

Assalammu'alaikum dan salam sejahtera.
Just to inform everyone that Ibrahim has returned to rahmatullah (Returned to The Creator)
@ about 9.30 am this mornin'.

He left us with a job to finish. Lets ride in memory of him, give the proceeds to his parents & to some other cancer patients alike.

May Allah Almighty, Creator and Sustainer of the universe - Bless his soul.

Let's all do some good within these holy months.
(p/s. scroll-up for last month's pics & vid)

Date: Friday, 30 July 2010
Venue: Palace of Justice, Putrajaya
Meet time: 9.00pm
Rock and Rollin': 9.30pm
Don't forget to bring helmets, lights, bikes & a small token for Ibrahim!

Sometimes we’re too busy with own little world & forget the little things that we can do that will make a BIG difference for others.

On behalf of Uncle Allen Lai & Kooky Kash I’ll like to appeal to everyone to dedicate this month's ride & contribute some $$$ to Ibrahim. We had done this to GAZA once & I hope you guys out there could help as “…the situation had turned to something of an emergency…”

You guys know Uncle Allen. He's been around as the traffic warden during our PCM rides. Happy looking Ibrahim with Uncle Allen Lai, some weeks ago & now the happiness has disappeared…

Uncle Allen & Kooky Kash initially planned to get Ibrahim to walk and run before end of this year but we'll keep that thought aside as the pressing matter now is get him to eat and sit up again. Their family is not rich. He needs our help.

"I visited Ibrahim in his house in Rawang today. Ibrahim’s father had told me that Ibrahim is not faring well and he is already bed ridden. He is indeed very sick. He is in constant pain in the bones and cannot even sit up in a chair. He is also suffering from malnutrition. As a child in famine, he is in a critical situation. Ibrahim needs help immediately. He will have to be re-admitted back to HUKM for further medical treatment. " said Uncle Allen.

Kooky Kash is going with Allen to visit Ibrahim & we’re all asking for your kind donations, to get for him some anti-cancer foods and foods that will make him sitting up again. All donations in cash and kind are appreciated.

You can also send your cash donations to my Kooky’s account. Please sms her the amount you transferred and your name.
4-8362455-18 KASHIMAH KASIRI
Mobile no: 012 2390905
Her blog - http://run-kooky-run.blogspot.com/

And if you want to donate in kind, please contact her so that we can make some kind of arrangements. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

P/s...Ibrahim, we PCMers are with you

Some of you might have bought the PCM car stickers from ManCIOCC.
If u didn't notice, it's reversed!
Bring the old one & get a free replacement.
If u intend to buy, it's only RM3

I still have 4 pcs of laminated triangle spoke cards left - RM3 too!

(During Ramadan , there's a special ride every Friday nite after Tarawih at 11:30pm onwards)


KOOKY KASH said...

Abg Man, I nak!! Insyallah I will come with some friends.

Man CIOCC said...

U're all invited, jgn lupa bawak hubby. Mak oi, lama benor tak ride ngan u all.

azizan fixie said...

InsyaAllah aku datang this month:-)

zul othman said...

Thank you so much... you guys r the best..

Allen Lai said...

Hello Everybody,
You guys know how to do me in. Abok got into my eves. The facemask I wore today did not cover me well enough.

I have not been well last couple of months, hence your traffic warden was sadly absent. Although I have recovered somewhat, I am not suppose to ride for some time yet, ponggong saya kena like you know who.
I undertook young Ibrahim as my charge for reasons I am still trying to understand. He was doing well until this week when he had a sudden relapse. Kooky, her wonderful kids and Nurina joined me to visit Ibrahim this evening. He is doing much better than the last two days. His eyes lit up when I mentioned PCM's ride for him this Friday.I promised to buy Ibrahim a bicycle when he recovers well enough to ride.

I will ride this Friday.

Allen Lai

Allen Lai said...

As it is important to keep everybody informed of Ibrahim's background, present medical condition and our fight for him. Please read my blog dedicated to assist and help all cancer patients to fight for their lives and for their care givers to cope with the situation. We are their hope and light. Get Feel good and feeling good in our fight against cancer. No boundaries.
Please visit and leave your mark @

Thank you. For you matter.

Allen Lai

Man CIOCC said...

May God bless you all.

mayhemtroopers said...

Have a safe ride guys!