Putrajaya Critical Mass - 25 June 2010

The clan that grew from 30 & became 50

The regular dad & son

Thank you all who attended the bash despite the Word Cup fever.
From 30 or so who were there early, it became a swarm of 50 odd cyclist!

That shows PCM is alive & well.

Thank you - ManCIOCC

Date: Friday, 25 June 2010
Venue: Palace of Justice, Putrajaya
Meet time: 9.00pm
Rock and Rollin': 9.30pm

Don't forget to bring helmets, lights and bikes!

Some of you might have bought the PCM car stickers from ManCIOCC.
If u didn't notice, it's reversed!
Bring the old one & get a free replacement.
If u intend to buy, it's only RM3


zul othman (u can add me the same name in facebook) said...

hi, its been a great ride.. i wonder who took a picture of us together before the ride?? if u r kind enough..can i have a copy??