Lately I have been using the motorbike lane at the Federal Highway on my journey to office from USJ to KL. The motorbike lane is separated from the highway and is a stretch from Klang to Midvalley Megamall. I travelled during the non peak hours i.e after 8.30am and find it very safe. The lane is about 9 feet wide thus has ample space for motorbikes to overtake.

You need to be careful as you enter the motorbike lane. I would normally stop at this point.

Ensure that you ride on the left hand side and use the white line as a guide to ride straight.

Need a break and refill. No problem:-) On the way towards Kl direction, there's a stall after the Armada Hotel, Petaling Jaya.

On the way towards Klang, there's a cendol seller after you passed by Jalan 222. It's before the Overhead bridge.

At about 100-150 metres towards the exit, I would move to the right hand side to enable me to have easy and safe exit.

Make sure that you look back to ensure that you have clear traffic and use your right hand to indicate that you are moving to the right.

I would stop at the exit point look for oncoming cars.

It would be GREAT if the laws allow motorbikes to use the federal highway so that the motorbike lane could be use SOLELY for bicycles. The federal highway has emergency lane that could be used by motorcyclists.

I think it could encourage more people to cycle to work especially the one residing and working in Klang, Shah Alam, Subang Jaya, Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur. Most people didn't realise that for distance below 30km, it's most efficent to cycle than taking the public transport. I know coz I am doing it on daily basis. I will blog later on this matter. So for now keep on cycling using the motorbike lane so that motorcyclists would be familiar with our presence. I really find it enjoyable cycling to KL or Midvalley Megamall via the motorbike lane.


abot said...

i think it is better for you to share..rather than pushing the m/cycles to the already congested federal highway!

Unless the motocycle lane already choke with cyclist..then widening the lane should be more appropriate

Anonymous said...

bro, one thing though. i heard cases of people getting mugged at the motorbike lane especially early morning or at night.

azizan fixie said...


I don't mind sharing and I don't see the problem of sharing.


I don't travel too early and at night normally I would use the NPE as it's more brighter.