Putrajaya Critical Mass - 29 May 2009

Hi everyone. Sorry for the late announcement.
I really hope this one hasn't gone into anyone's plan.
Pretty much in busy mode this month.
Not good to start the new bicycle year for PCM. :(

Anyway here goes.

Date: 29 May 2009
Venue: Palace of Justice (Istana Kehakiman), Putrajaya
Meeting time: 9.00 PM
Ride time: 9.30 PM
Distance: About 20kmRide speed: 15-25km/h

Please come. I know this is really a short one but i will be there and try to get you a good ride.
Thanks guys. Hope to see you there!
Vive velorution still on alrite!

PS: Another apology on not designing the flyer this month. I suck. I know. Hehe.


kuman said...

akhirnya ada juga pengumuman walaupon pada saat2 terakhir... akan cuba siapkan beskal untuk join :)

Daoh Darko said...

maaflah bang kuman.
lately kami sumer busy...
tak dapat nak buat design lagi.

insyaallah, mungkin takde apa yang menarik bulan ni tapi kayuh tetap jalan. :)

kuman said...

bagi aku design tak penting sangat... janji tetap maintain ada PCM setiap bulan... design tu sekadar tambahan jek :)
perasa tambahan la katakan...

Caroline said...


Sounds great.

Where can i find more details about where we go and how difficult it is?


Mr.Scott's Rider said...

nice blog bro..i link kan ur blog with mine k..salam kenal

Daoh Darko said...

Hi Caroline,
Usually i would put it in more details but the last few months was a bit hard.

It's not that hard. It's around 20-25km of slow cycling. At least the first 10km everyone sticks together then the last 10 they would go in groups. We do have a lot of regulars who unofficially act as marshals.

20km is not hard at all once you're in a group. We're not racing, more on catching up with each other. There's not much of hills, anyway so you should be ok.

Mr. Scott's Rider,
Thumbs up for the link! Thanks man.

See you guys there alrite? If i find you guys, i make sure to say hi. :D

Caroline said...

Hi Daoh,

Thanks for the feedback.
Do you have any address to rent a bike for this event?
Don't have one :(

Thanks again,

Daoh Darko said...

Oh... Hmmm... Not sure on bike rents around but i can recommend you few bike shops that sell affordable and reliable bikes.

If you're a beginner there's no need for you to splurge on expensive bike.

My advice is borrow from a fren. Take it for a ride. Try a 5km ride, if you like it you straight away you get the vibe, even your friend's bike sucks. If you don't, I don't think you want to cycle even further.

Don't ride and think that you're racing against time. Relax and take your time to complete your ride. That way you're not anxious on a bike.

Just make sure you're comfortable on a bike and safety first.

Anyway, this is for a first-timer and beginner. Not sure you are but i hope this helps. :)

Mail me at putrajayacriticalmass@yahoo.com.
Check us out on facebook also. Search putrajaya critical mass. We're not big but those who came made it worth while. :)

Daoh Darko said...

Sorry! That's putrajayamasser@yahoo.com

apai said...

PCM.? akan kurang seorang lagi ahli kayuhan bulan ini. maaflah kepada pihak organizer diatas statement saya.

aku kene kerja malam ni perform untuk save the day night. sorry eh daoh... :D

abot said...

nicely organised... around 50 riders participated ranging from MTB,old school races, road bike, folding bike and those trandem bike as well....no beca seen during the event!
20km ride with 3 stopover ...yes they really wait for the tail-enders!

Will ride again..next month!

CheRaMicHe said...

Dear Daoh,

If i must say, it is a good effort doing all this for all the cyclist (esp here in Putrajaya). and gain nothing out of it.

i got the chance to join it for the first time last Friday and it was fun. but, if i can comment lil bit, some riders didnt wear their helmet. Im sure they are not 'beginner' or 'first timer' and they should give a good example to others by wearing necessary gear to ride, kan?

going in a big group (even we started @ 10pm) sure cause some 'jem' when we pass by the area (except when we have already left 'downtown'. If i may suggest, we should start someplace where it have less the traffic light or less traffic to begin with. some didnt bother bout the red lights and some did not sure how to cross the big roundabout with cars speeding wanted to go their way.

Im not sure there were medical crew during the ride, but it sure good to have one (in case someone get injured or anything). although you mentioned there are some 'marshals' in the group, but i dont think anyone is doin anything except looking after oneself.

like you said, we make it a mass, not a mess.

Looking forward for the next ride!


abot said...

i agreed..
we should observe all traffic rules..such as "stop" at "red light"....ride in right lane: not against traffic flows and
where helmets...

and light up your "rear" so other motorists can see u at night time!