The year that was...

Da birthday vid, njoy

Hi all. Not much of a review but a total 100% fun. Not many people came but definitely much happier crowd than usual.

I do crappy job in giving speeches. Always ended up talking nonsense.

Anyway, I would like to take this opportunity to say a couple of gazillion gratitudes to some and everyone.

Thank you to Allah SWT for the opportunity that we could have this wonderful ride every month. Although there were hiccups but without You this ride could have been nothing than just a dream.

To the iron men who have helped Putrajaya Critical Mass all this time.
To Abang Man, my personal gratitude to you on being the most patient, most understanding, most contributing and most hardworking cycling acquiantance and a great friend.
Man CIOCC said..."I'm deeply touched...thank you all for the support".

To Flat, Apai, the great gang of the Republic of Puchong, Putrajaya Easy Riders, Shahrin Anthem, Kash, Aini, Angah, Toyol, Rudy, my brother Taufiq, Heero, Amir Faezal and Azizan Fixie.

Without all your help, beliefs and your support, I think I would give up initiating this wonderful event months ago.

To everyone, EVERYONE, who made it to the mass, once, twice, every month; from the bottom of my heart, a million thanks. Without your presence and support in the mass I personally think PCM would cease to exist by the third month.

Also I would like to apologise to everyone if anything i said, commented, did etc. might hurt anyone's feelings.

Kudos to Putrajaya Easy Riders for helping us out on the route and marshalling the mass. I thought you guys didn't make it. Rupanya semua dah standby kat junctions. Great job and very organised!

Thank you to those who brought food and drinks that night. Personal thanks to Angah who made the cakes.

Thanks again to everyone who made it that night. You guys rock and you guys are wonder-awesome!

PS: Kalau saya dah merepek masa briefing, maafkanlah saya... Saya insan yang lemah, tidak pandai berbahasa inggeris dan tidak mempunyai MBA. :P

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bola2api said...

thanks to those who bought the cupcakes.

The collection will go to charity homes in Yan and Wang Kelian when
I go to cycle there in May, insya allah. Doakan saya dan rakan2 selamat berkayuh dan selamat segalanya dlm menyampaikan derma anda semua..

530km woo.. mcm2 buleh jadi :)

Angah said...

Sebagai seorang muka baru dalam pcm (last friday was my 3rd ride with pcm ) saya rasa seronok sebab sudah merasai 'sense of belonging'

Semua happy saya pun happy

Jumpa end of May nanti..

*motif bahasa aku hari ni? hmmm

kuman said...

Tahniah kepada semua yang menjayakan PCM Year 1...

Taufiq "Mafioso" Syed Mohd said...

Tahniah & time kasih pada sume yg menjayakan PCM anniversary and ride² yg sblm ni sampai la genap sethn :)

cipan666 said...

1st of all, two thumbs up for the organiser!

i must say the PCM 1st anniversary ride has met great success and well organised even we started rolling a little bit late.

since this is my 1st ride with PCM, i didn't find any difficulties to get along with you guys. we are one, right?

anyway, am looking forward to ride again with you guys. seriously, a newbie like me has strong will. we'll see =P

ok, finally, big thanks to the committee, photographers, nice foods, and all the riders who made the PCM's 1st anniversary a memorable one.


Man CIOCC said...

I'm deeply touched...thank you all for the support.

Taufiq "Mafioso" Syed Mohd said...

here's my photos for the anniversary ride

and also here

Anonymous said...

why should mention the MBA, it's hurt me. thats fri night is my first too, hope not the last.


Daoh Darko said...

Coolest video from Man CIOCC the videoman!

Thanks Abang Man!
Lagu electro you mmg tetap di hati.

Taufiq "Mafioso" Syed Mohd said...

fuh bangga aku starting video pakai gambar teaser aku :D

khairi000007 said...

SUPERB!!! Cayalah..Memang best aaa kalau camni...