It was the first ride of the year and already many eager faces flooded the meeting point. Regular faces were there to meet and greet good friends and new ones. This time BC Kelolo and the Mrs. Kelolo came with the GLC (Gombak League of Cyclists) to the mass. More girls this time.

It was raining the whole day but luckily it stopped early that evening. I was worried that nobody would turned up when i got some smses from ROP (Republic Of Puchong) guys it was raining in Serdang and Puchong. Most might think it's raining in Putrajaya too. By 9pm the area already flooded with cyclists. The hype was high by 9.30pm.

A short brief was done by the ever faithful Man Ciocc. By 9.45pm it was flagged off.

Although this time there were around 100 of us but seemed everyone got scattered to different groups even from the start. It was great in number but somehow i wished we did go in a big group like the months before. I could see Man CIOCC's face was a little annoyed.

I arrived at PICC with half of the mass already gone back to the meeting point.

An unexpected incident happened that night. Someone got stopped by a police car when he escorted the group at the back.

Police: Ni apa benda yang korang buat ni?

Mohamad Khalid Umar Baharudin: Takde apa encik. Ini ride suka-suka jek...

Police: Ride suka-suka? Sapa yang organise ni?

Mohamad Khalid Umar Baharudin: Entahlah encik... Tu haaa yang kat depan sana tu, sapa-sapa entah. Saya ikut member jek. (Recommended answer to all massers, ok? ;D)

Police: Ini berapa ramai ni? Tiap-tiap bulan ada ke?

Mohamad Khalid Umar Baharudin: Haah, tiap-tiap hujung bulan ada. Ramai jugak la dalam 80-100 orang sekali jalan.

Police: Perempuan ada?

Mohamad Khalid Umar Baharudin: Ada...

Police: Budak ada?

Mohamad Khalid Umar Baharudin: Ada...

Police: Orang tua?

Mohamad Khalid Umar Baharudin: Ada la... Mak orang, bapak orang, anak orang, orang-orang, semua orang pun ada la encik.

Police: ....... (Obviously stunned and pissed)

Mohamad Khalid Umar Baharudin: ....... (Obviously regretting being a smart ass ;P)

Police: Camnila... Lain kali kalau nak ada ride kena buat surat beritahu kami. Ketua kat ibu pejabat dah beritahu, korang selalu buat sampai ramai-ramai kat Putrajaya ni.

Mohamad Khalid Umar Baharudin: Ok nanti kita buat surat la. Hehe...

Disclaimer: Based on a true story with a little bit of twist and exaggeration. The name has been changed to protect the fellow masser.

Well, that's about it. Strange and interesting night it was. Thank you everyone who made it this time. Congratulations to newbies on completing 20km. I hope everyone had fun and till we all meet again in the next mass, happy cycling!

images by MH

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KOOKY KASH said...

Great ride as usual Guys, I would love to ride with you all if time permits. Daoh, keep the ride going.

Just one comment though, I hope we can start the ride on time. We should be fair to those who make the effort to come in early. And when we ride on time, we can end on time.

Keep the rides coming!

Daoh Darko said...

Hi Kooky, yeah, that is always the problem every month. We're planning on a new meeting point and new routes this year. We will see how it goes.

Thanks for coming yeah! :D

Angah said...

Splendid ride! lebih best kalau kayuh dalam satu big group but with traffic lights and all agak susah juga..

See you guys next cycle..

aofuad said...

Don't worry about the policemen.
The next time we ride, maybe they will give us VIP escort!!!
PCM has promoted Putrajaya to the world.
The relevant authorities should salute us for dong a great job.

What matters next in our 27th February ride is to choose the least traffic route and a better starting point.
My suggestion is the Palace of Justice where it is brightly lit and there is ample open parking beside the Palace of Justice building.
We can write in to Perbadanan to inform them. We do not need their approval, because it is a public place.
The Dataran at the Mosque would have been ideal, but there are too many cars there on a Friday Night.

We can start at the Pop and head towards the Mosque Dataran.
From there we head out to join the main internal circular road in the middle of Putrajaya via the PM's Dept and head to Alamanda and then on our outer ring road towards Pinggiran Putra and PICC and then we head back to our starting point at PoP.
This distance is about the same as our normal route.
I will keep on looking for a better route as we go on, which will be longer and more importantly safe for all riders.

Some might ask why start from a place where there is no drinking hole, i.e mamak shop?
Well, we can say that since we want to ride healthy, the idea of minum sampai pagi at the mamak shop is optional.
Anyway, they can go to the mamak shop after ashort rest at the finishing point and then pack their bikes.
In this way, at least we can see the big group before and after the ride. Dekat mamak shop tu, kita dok tersepit dekat other vehicles. Ta nampak the Critical Mass.
Lagi pun lepas kayuh kita boleh berkenalan dengan yang lain lain, instead of rushing to the mamak shop.

Azudin, Lt Kol retired
Putrajaya E Riders

azizan fixie said...

I do agree with Lt Kol Azudin point of view. And when we start on time, we can finish early as well. And for the ladies especially they can leave early for security reason. Let the "teh tarik" session be an optional.

bola2api said...

hahaha.. dialog tu lawak siot.. so polis nak ban kita ker dia nak escort kita lepas ni?

jgn le tanya jer lebih.. 'action' pun kena ada gak, tul tak?

I enjoyed myself. first time dok kat belakang haha.. until belakang alamanda laa hehe

Anonymous said...

Aku suka korangnyer tempat lepak kurang sesuai.Harap korang carilah tmpat lain klau nak park kete2 korang..parking Mamak tu untuk org nak makan..klau korang awal2 dah park..susah la kami nak bwk anak2 mkn.Putrajaya ni korang maklum la kn..x bnyk kedai mamak.Harap korang pikir la..jgn sampai aku report POLIS dan PPj..

Daoh Darko said...

Jangan la report bang...
Nanti mak saya marah...