On the move-no sweat

If you are confined to being in the office, then what you carry with you when
you cycle to work can be very minimum. The most important things would be the
spare tube/s, pump, headlight, blinker and maybe your office attire and
toiletries. You could also send your week's clothing to your office during
weekend and bring it back daily. Provided you have the space! but office shoes
and toiletries shouldn't be a problem.

The challenge would be when you are on the move. Sunny days shouldn't be any
problem but how about rainy days? So far I am lucky as whenever it rains, I am
always under shelter or at client's place or the rain has just stopped when I
am just about to embark on my journey. I will blog later when I am dealing with the

Being on the move requires me to ensure that all the things that I carry are
always safe from rain and it's not too heavy to carry over the shoulder.Below
are the items that I always carry:

1. Spare Tubes (I always carry 2)
2. Pump
3. Headlight and blinkers
4. Rim tape
5. Tire lever
6. Screw driver
7. Spare batteries
8. Perfume (small bottle body shop)
9. Hair cream
10. Good Morning towel
11. Business Shirt
12. Tie
13. Working documents and stationery
14. PDA
15. Shoe polisher-Cloth type
16. Rain Jacket and pants (Still considering as the bag is full)
17. Slippers ( For rainy days-tied to my mtb rear carrier)

I prefer to travel the bike messenger style. All of the above items are in my
Timbuk2 messenger bag (waterproof). I just bought another one Chrome...hehe.
Another brand that you can consider would be Crumpler which is available at
KLCC. I wear Khaki pants (tights inside as it will dry faster), Dry fit T-shirt
and leather shoes (Obermain/Clarks) when cycling to work.

I always reach client's place early. Have teh tarik at "mamak", cool down,
clean up with Good Morning towel, put on my business shirt and tie, perfume and
hair cream inside the restaurant toilet:-) . I can't perspire and smelly when
seeing my clients...k...:-)

Parking is not a problem as I ride a fixie or an old beater chromoly mtb bike.
I will just park at the mamak's restaurant or any place that I think that is
safe and allowable. Just make sure that I secured it to a railing, pole etc. I
don't leave anything behind.

So there you go...on the move...no sweat:-)

p/s: Below are the photos on how you should fold your business shirt so that it
won't crumple.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4


Man CIOCC said...

Plan ahead b4 ridin. Have a set of yr biz shirts, pants, etc & toiletries at the office.

Watch my journey at > http://manciocc.blogspot.com/2009/01/160109-cycle-friday.html

Daoh Darko said...

Cool! Sharing what you carry in your bag is extra cool!

It takes me 1 hour of driving to work. But instead of cycling from point A to B, i drive halfway then i cycle.

I always have spare t-shirts and a pair of jeans, a pair of shoes, toiletries, a towel, a perfume and most importantly a deodorant at the office.

Whenever i feel like shitty and no mood to work, i cycle. I read in a magazine, cycling to work can be a stress-reliever. So i did just that.

Not that often anymore. I think i start again tomorrow.

Did i say this article is cool? Kudos!

Daoh Darko said...

Btw, i carry a RM2 wear-n-tear plastic raincoat. I got it from a 7-11 kiosk. It's good and reliable.

And please take your time to reach to the office. Enjoy the morning breeze, eat your supplements and ride easy.

It's not a bloody race going to work. You should ride at your own ease and reach your place feeling fresh not tired. Hehe. You must remember you have to cycle again to go home. :)

Amir Faezal said...

This may not be so cool on a Scott Addict but mud-guards and a rack are the accessories of choice for commuters and cycle tourists. If you are a bit old school there are trouser clips to keep your khakis from flapping into the chain

yipwt said...

hi azizan,

Great to know you guys cycle to work. In fact, we should ask the gov to give us bike lanes on the road like in some cities.

If more & more peeps cycle, we ought to have more power to ask the gov just for that. Not to mention we cut down traffic volume & pollution.

bola2api said...

wah.. pandainya lipat kain hahahaha

azizan fixie said...

Hi yipwt

It would be great if we have the bike lane. But at the moment we are focusing on our Circle of Influence rather than our Circle of Concern. Hope we could inspire more Malaysians to cycle to work.


Belajar lipat tu dari Image Consultant long time ago:-)


My mtb is fitted with fenders and rear carrier but could not fit the accessories to my fixed gear bike. At the moment I just rolled up my khaki pants. I have been thinking about getting the reconditioned Japanese bike which looks like the Velorbis.


Hope it could encourage others to start bike commuting.


I like the ending part of the video:-)