Attention: August Critical Mass Change of Date

Dear all,
We apologise for the inconvenience. We have to change the date of Putrajaya Critical Mass that is supposed to be held on th 29 August to 22 August 2008.

Please note it is now on the 22 August 2008. It's one week earlier than planned. This change is due for some reasons mainly,

1. PCC Interstate 2008 will be held from 29 - 31 August 2008 (Some cyclists might not make it to the mass)
2. Malaysia International Fireworks Competition in Putrajaya on 12, 14, 20, 24 and 29 August 2008 (Massive traffic is expected)
3. Long weekend to balik kampung. :)

Please inform your friends and other cyclists who would like to join the mass this month. Watch this space for the announcement and flyer!

PS: Please vote on poll whether we would like to have a Critical Mass on the month of Ramadhan. Thanks guys!


Berisman said...

I only discovered this website last night.Kudos to the organiser and my friend and I would love to take part on the 22nd Aug. nite.Since this is my first time,kindly let me know the location of meeting place(preferably with GPS co-ordinates ).Thanks.

Daoh Darko said...

Hi berisman,
Thanks for your support. I'm sorry we don't have GPS of the meeting point. But we did put a map in previous posts.

Have a look at:

Sorry no budget event, low technologies. :P Please come if you can make it.

rudy said...

fir, aku on je 22nd.. i'm coming! meet you there. nasib baik moved to 22nd

Daoh Darko said...

Rudy, ko kalau tak datang aku kecik hati... hehehehe. Lepak minum post ride session ngan aku ok.

Lama gila orang tak panggil aku "Fir"

Anonymous said...

Missed the last ride. Tak sabor nak jumpa member2 baru & yang lamo2. Man CIOCC

Anonymous said...

Route ni banyak uphill ker? I'm a beginner in my late 30s, so you know lar my fitness level...:)

Daoh Darko said...

Abang Man!
Lama tak jumpe! Hehehehehe... saya nak join set2 bangi ni laju bebenor la. Takkan panggil Man CIOCC lagi kot hehehehehe...

Jgn takut... saya selalu yang paling last sekali. Sweeper dan teman borak bagi mereka yang kat belakang. Start je depan makin lama makin ke belakang. Ada bukit tapi tak steep. Last time pun ada orang yang dalam roaring 50's pun belasah. :)

Anonymous said...

ok, insyallah saya akan cuba datang malam besok - fuzz

Berisman said...
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Berisman said...

I have a great ride of my life last night.Kudos and thanks to the organisers!!!
I am in mid 50's and had NO confidence at all to complete 20km route.But with the encouragement and support from my friends especially Sharin(new friend) who was with me all the way,I managed to complete the ride and clocked 21.5km-a distance I never have done in my entire life time!Now,I can't wait for the next ride.