Hooray for the 100!

Note: I would like to apologise for the late report. I was too busy over the weekend. Work sucks when your salary depends on deadlines.

Hello again everyone! Yes you read it right. Another 100 cyclists came with children, husbands and wives, pro riders and beginners.

Mostly came on time, by 9.30pm everyone seemed excited and ready to ride. Of course the occasional late-comers were always there that we had to start at half an hour late. (There were a group who came just when the ride started, I have to give extra kudos to Mr. Flat who stayed behind and guide the last group.)

This time around it was great and I personally think the idea of a pit stop for everyone to regroup really worked. The mass stuck together for a good few kilos and went crazy on the long stretch to PICC and came together again.

The first pit stop in front of PICC gave everyone a chance to get to know each other better. That night seemed a livelier when everyone rode together. Again every other motorist looked at us with awe, stopped at traffic to let us past and gave their thumbs up.

Thank you to everyone who came to the mass. Thank you to the parents who came and brought their children. Thank you to the marshals and regulars – I didn’t get to catch up with them, again, I was the last person in the ride – who guided the mass.

Here are some great photos taken by Uncle D who came to ride that night. Thank you for the beautiful shots. He was riding up and down to catch the crowd. Awesome efforts and loads of kudos!

More from Uncle D here and here.

I took some videos (pretty hard when you’re trying to catch the group, having one hand on the bar and the other a camera.) but it’s a bit sucks.

We’re having the next mass on 29 August 2008 on a Merdeka-theme. You MUST (haha!) bring a flag to ride. Be there or be there! Watch this space for the announcement and flyer!


Isma said...

good job daoh!

Daoh Darko said...

Time kaseh! Isma kamu datang ke itu hari? Minta maaf kalau saya tak bertegur. :)

A. H. WAN [uncle.D] said...

Hope to see at least 500 at the "Merdeka Critical Mass". Ada berani ke? Once again special thanks to bro F'daus.

For the next event mesti panggil press pula kot.

Isma said...

apa skema reply ni daoh...ada aku datang...takpe wat ilek saje tengok2 je...aku budak kuantan dulu laaaa kalo ko ingat la...tak ingat takpe wat ilek...

Daoh Darko said...

lerr... isma MAF14 keter kaler pink ke? itu hari ada datang aku tak perasan la pulak...

awat tak ingat pulak haha!
tak perasan pun ko datang.

Tan Kien Boon said...

Thanks Mr. F'daus for your warm and hospitality. It's a good effort... Me ( Boon ) and Alan really appreciate it a lot!! You are the man dude...you are the man!!!

Daoh Darko said...

I read your blog. Dem funny la dude!
Thanks for reviewing the ride as well. You give me too much credit already... (shy)

Anyways, you must come to the next mass ok... tell Mr. Lim to bring a helmet hehehehehehhe... no more decorated speeches :P


Abu Soffian said...

Bro...see U end of this month. Cayalah!!!