Hi! You don't give a damn to come to Putrajaya?

Somebody commented on the previous post:

"Blogger ziq said...

hai guys, sorry nak comment pasal event ni. to me this is not a critical mass. Understand critical mass. The aim of it is for awareness. The ride u guys buat is just a normal nite ride. Critical mass is something different, brake all the rules etc, no helmet, no lights, just hav any kind of bikes and ride. U guys kene check this blog, http://massa-kritikal.blogspot.com/. BTW criticall mass kene organize in a big busy city which is kl. If putrajaya at night, who give a damn. Beside nak g putrajaya pun kene drive then ride. dah salah."

Hi Ziq,
I'm glad at least someone responded and think i'm doing a stupid job organising this critical mass every month. As a response to your comment, I would like to say I don't give a damn if you think what i'm trying to here is on the wrong concept of a Critical Mass. In fact I don't give a damn if you don't give a damn to come over to Putrajaya and have a night ride. :)

"Critical Mass bike rides take place monthly in cities around the world. They are free mass participatory events, with no leaders or fixed agendas. However, the broad aim is to celebrate cycling and sustainable transport, and to give cyclists safety in numbers."
- Critical Mass Wikia

It's true most Critical Masses are organised in the rights of one or more advocacies. Do you even know what advocacy means?

"Advocacy - an active support of an idea or cause etc.; especially the act of pleading or arguing for something."
- www.wordnet.princeton.edu/perl/webwn

But don't you forget Critical Mass is a cycling celebration. I organised this every month in the hope to attract people to cycle and have fun and what's important, to enjoy cycling. I don't have to start anarchy on the first two times of Putrajaya Critical Mass because i think most of us is not a commuter. Most of us still drives to work. But in the end of the day, when we come back home we would still think "I've should've go to work with my bike today..." or at least you know you farking love your bike that you go to bike blogs, watch bike stunts in youtubes, you bitch in bike forums and for the most of us we browse and embrace the coolness of bike parts in www.bicyclebuysell.com. Hehehe. So yeah, you can call me poyo for organising this event every month and you can bitch about me. But I love cycling and I would like anyone out there who are beginners or not to enjoy and celebrate cycling as much as I do.

Now do you go to work riding your bike? Do you even care about the RM2.70 per liter of your cool car, Ziq? If you do - good for you! I support you all the way. I'm trying hard to cycle to work everyday but so far I've managed on the average of 3 days for the last two weeks. I've sold my MTB to get a faster ride. I've travel 36km one way. That's 72km both ways if your math sucks like your english. [It's "break" not "brake"] I have to wake up 5.30 for subuh and straight away go to work. But i don't do it everyday. Yes I am poyo. But I'm doing it slowly.

This time around, me and my friends are organising the Critical Mass to the cause that it is more fun to ride your bike rather than driving. So you're saying "why do i have to drive all the way to Putrajaya to celebrate cycling against motorists?". Now if you want to go to KL and DRIVE all the way because you want to support Critical Mass KL, hey, go knock yourself out. :D Hell you're even more stupid than your grammar.

Yes, we support Critical Mass KL, in fact some riders in the Putrajaya Critical Mass went to the first few of their rides. Until they stopped doing it anymore. We support and even I acknowledged. If they're doing it again I would go. I even emailed them once asking when are they gonna do it again but sadly no reply. So I do it for myself and other people like me to do in Putrajaya. What do you care? You don't even give a damn. :)

Excuse me for being such an asshole, but, I think a Critical Mass does not BREAK any rule. Massers who are not discipline in the Mass break the rules.

Dumb massers will conquer the whole damn roads while smart massers will stop at traffic lights and obey. A smart group of massers will be lead by one or two other massers, who will stop the traffice momentarily for the whole group to go. This is to avoid accidents. Mind you if a dumb masser trying to be cocky and block the whole lane for his own bike "ego" then it might lead to a very sad accident.

Dumb masser = smart ass = dumb masser.

For me, it's up to the bike culture in a country. Please don't compare us Malaysians with the culture in New York or San Francisco. And you know what, in Budapest, 70 000 massers wear helmets. If it's to me, I would rather put my helmet on. I'm scared shitless. Me, safety first.
I don't care I don't break any rules. I take risk but I would do it carefully.

To you a Critical Mass is about the awareness. Awareness of what?

To me and to those who ride along with me, is to have fun and make people enjoy cycling. To laugh, to know more about our friends and to make new friends. People have come from Mantin, Gombak, Subang, etc. all the way, just for the sake of a plain cycling fun. I'm doing this for the awareness of cycling is good. And it will do us good. :) Now that's my advocacy, fight for the right that cycling is great. How many times you tell your colleagues to go cycling with you and they said "Apa kelas naik basikal?"

So please don't judge Putrajaya Critical Mass or the riders who ride in the mass.
They're a cool, great bunch.
They ride MTBs, roads, tandems, and trikes.
People from college students till orang dah beranak pinak, siap ajak anak beranak kayuh joined the Putrajaya Critical Mass.
Newly weds also came.
If that is not cool enough for you, judge me.
See, if I give a damn. :)


ziq said...

hai bro, dun get me wrong, jgn la marah pulak. i just giv my opinion. saya budak lagi bkn org dewasa. OK my bad. Ya i agree with your statement. Critical mass adalah untuk menggalakkan orang ramai menaiki basikal ke mana2 shj, xkira dimana2. Putrajaya critical mass is for putrajaya people. Your statement pasal 'kayuh basikal lagi bagus, minyak naik 2.70' betol. xcakap pun salah. Tp for people from other area, KL, PJ, they hav to come to putrajaya naik kereta. Don't tell me they going to cycle to putrajaya, then to me its wrong bout "kayuh basikal lagi bagus, minyak naik 2.70". N then, public yg gune basikal biasa akan rasa segan nak join bila gaya kite riders over macam racers. That my opinion. N critical mass is for us cyclist to take over the road masa kereta banyak. My fren yg organise critical mass in KL. They did it tp xde support sebab org kate berbahaya, but that is the point is to take the road. Stop cars from entering cities n polute the world. Sorry bro if i tersalah silap in my previous comment. Thanks. Keep it up.

ziq said...
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ziq said...
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ziq said...
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ziq said...

. In fact, the purpose of Critical Mass is not formalized beyond the direct action of meeting at a set location and time and traveling as a group through city or town streets. hehehehe

ziq said...
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ziq said...

Last bro, u got to look deep the meaning and purpose of critical mass. From what i understand, from my reading books, n internet, it is to get the intention of the masses especially the government the need to respect of bicyclist because the public in general do not giv a damn bout people cycling in the street. Therefore if all of us cyclist were to congregate on friday at a specific time when the road is very2 busy only then can we get this arrogant public especially the motorist n motocyclist. Now if u were to organize such event in putrajaya which all malaysian know is a ghost city after sunset, n whereby a blind man can savely cross the road, what massage r going to put thru other then we cyclist syok sendiri or known as Friday nite ride.. as usuall.

ziq said...
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ziq said...

to all viewers i admit my english sucks.

ziq said...

i'm not perfect. I do admit that my english is poor n i appreciate ur comment :). OK my last question, whats the different between ur critical mass with putrajaya friday nite ride?

The 4 opposition MPs rode their bicycle to parliment the other day just to prove a point and ofcoz for their popularity stunt. They admit that it is not save to cycle. That is CRITICAL MASS whereby they giv awareness to the government to give more attention to bicyclist. Don't u agree? I'm here just to give my opinion so that we can improve this activity.

i salute u for ur aim but i feel it is not the right place. Anyway all the best. If u feel my comment is bullshit, then dun bother to prolong this never ending argument. CRITICAL MASS

Daoh Darko said...

Hi Ziq,
Segalanya saya maafkan sejak mula saya baca komen you. :) Tapi minta maaf juga sebab saya nak jugak hentam saudara. Saya takde niat nak aibkan orang. Tapi the respect goes to you because you take your stand.

Kita sama2 join critical mass. Saya buat kat Putrajaya, saya ajak and ikut kalau orang support, mereka datang.

Saya pergi sekolah naik basikal, pergi kerja naik basikal. Sama-sama naik basikal.

Saya minta maaf banyak2 kalau saudara rasa tersinggung sampai tak boleh tidur. Jgn macam tu. Kita sama2 naik basikal. Saya pun beginner. Jumpa orang pun malu2.

Tapi saya kecik hati kalau saya dgn my frens nak promote Mass dekat sini and baru nak masuk 3 kali mass dah ada orang cakap macam2 and lari dari wawasan critical mass. Itulah, inilah, macam dah tak support. You nak promote culture berbasikal biarlah dari awal2. Biarlah pupuk semangat nak berbasikal. Tak boleh lah terus nak conquer jalan. Orang lain pun marah nanti dia cakap "Aku pun bayar roadtax". Tak boleh nak compare Malaysia dgn negara lain yang dah ada facility utk orang commute. Yang siap ada bas nak gantung basikal. Kita ni culture pun takde.

Minta maaf saudara kerana selama saya berkayuh saya pun kayuh sorang2. Saya pun dulu pakai cap ayam harga rm300 beli sebab nak pergi kerja. Kalau orang nak pandang serong sebab basikal saya cap ayam, saya peduli apa janji saya happy.

Critical Mass bukan pasal nak tunjuk kita berbasikal ni ada hak jalanraya semata2. Let the 4 MPs tu kayuh and cakap pasal berbasikal tu berbahaya ke apa. Kalau you kayuh in KL you pun patut tau bahaya and you should take responsibility of your safety first. Janganlah cakap tak pakai helmet ke apa ke. Nanti orang jatuh masa Mass dah tanak naik basikal.

Anyways good luck on your cycling journey. I'm here to support. Kalau datang Putrajaya naik basikal, insyaallah, saya tegur. :) Datang Putrajaya Critical Mass, saya belanja minum. Haha!

Thanks Ziq. In a way you've just promoted our blog. :D Selamat!

ziq said...

hahahaha tq for ur forgiveness. ;) We r here to make that culture happen. Cycle.

N a question, y u call it as CRITICAL MASS? its differ from my understanding. I just need to understand. Dun it just a normal putrajaya nite ride? which way2ride used to organise?

Daoh Darko said...

Way2Ride still have their nites out here. Tak silap every friday and wednesday. JomKayuh fellas also come and cycle here every friday.

Ziq, setahu dan sefahaman saya konsep critical mass memang takde leader, takde rules yang tepat dan takde route. Sefaham saya you kumpul, you seronok, you kayuh ikut suka.

Negara lain buat pukul 5 petang kadang2 pukul 5.30 petang sebab asalnya bike messengers habis keje time tu diorang kumpul satu tempat dan balik rumah sama2. And conquer jalan utk safety masing2. Mass yang pertama dipanggil Commute Clot. Orang tu nama apa saya tak ingat tapi umur dah macam umur bapak saya. 52 tahun hehehehe.

Sini saya organise tak boleh 5 petang. Orang balik kerja pukul 6. Sampai rumah pukul 7. Semayang maghrib 7.30. Lepak ngan family pukul 8. Pukul 8.30 gerak. Pukul 9 kumpul kat meeting point. :) Itu rasional saya. Jadi saya tak ikut sangat.

Kalau kat sini nak bagi orang berkayuh ikut mana2 route saya takde masalah. :) Tapi dah 2 kali buat baru bilangan orang 30 cyclists. Yang kebanyakannya pun regulars way2ride/jomkayuh dan group2 lain. Tapi diorang ni tak sombong. Semua orang diorang tegur. Tiap2 kali even kalau tak Critical Mass pun ada jek orang baru join. Jadinya route buat sementara ada satu sahaja cuma kita variety kan sedikit laluan2 dia.

Saya rasa baik saya dan rakan2 kenalkan dulu apa itu Critical Mass. Kalau saya buat design flyer, lepas tu orang kumpul dan saya dan kawan2 buat tak tahu dan tak guide orang2 yang datang Mass. Lama2 orang tak nak datang. Betul?

Mungkin lain dari Critical Mass sebenar tapi lama2 saya tengok kat NY, SF, Budapest atau mana2 je, lama2 jadi sampai ke malam. Dari commute nak balik sama2 jadi ke nite ride yang mempunyai banyak route berbeza2.

Saya minta maaf ye Ziq... heheheh. You nak beli wheelset? Saya ada spare. Nak clearkan stock. Hehehehe. Member2 saya kasi murah. :D

Pinkiest Stiletto said...

"Critical mass is something different, brake all the rules etc"

i can see how you are dying to be different. you even spell differently. because most people would say BREAK the rules. you say BRAKE. yeah its pretty obvious you are breaking rules. grammar and spelling rules.

what's the deal with you being so bent on why people wanna call it 'critical mass' anyways? besar betul issue tu kan sampai takleh duk diam dibuatnye. as far as im concern, the working professionals, uni graduates and people from all walks of life join the masses.

maybe you, little school boy can come and give a little speech to all these people that they should stop wearing helmets and refrain from calling the event a critcal mass. i'm sure they would be delighted to listen to your refreshing little ideas.

and fyi, kalau buat kat kl, org dari tempat lain pun kena dtg drive then naik basikal. yang naik basikal tu memang org dah dok kat area kl. tak payah la nak risau2 org kena drive mai putrajaya pastu naik basikal. kalau diorang nak, they are more than welcome. but mainly its for the people who are within the vicinity.

there's nothing wrong with driving down and then biking. Unless you are a school kid with no driving license.

ziq said...

ok i give from my understanding of CM.

Critical mass- to promote cycling anywhere. to me they choose friday because.... Y friday? Because it is the last of working days n usually it will hav traffic jams. So they organise it to promote a better life style, reduce pollution, reduce cars, reduce everything la senang cerita, no rempit coz mostly anak melayu jugak. To give awareness that there is other transportation (BICYCLE) which is better to this world. So the aim is to cycle. Yes i'm a cyclist. OK thats a fact. Tp to those who r not really a cyclist, like bangla yg kayuh g keje at construction, that is actually to me critical mass wants to promote. Apakah bezanye PCM dgn normal nite ride? bezanye tiada hala tuju? Atau Normal nite ride for us to train ourself n PCM is ride tiada hala tuju? kalau begitu saya dah faham. Sebab rakan saya yg organise KL CM berlainan pendapat. Dia yg berkata untuk mempromote, menyedarkan masyarakat tentang kesesakan, harga minyak, pencemaran dan sebagainya.

Answer for the question by Pinkiest Stiletto of critical mass being a big issue is just i dun get it itu sahaja. Its not a crime not wearing a helmet, org biasa, hav to buy just to join CM? n u know how much it worth even for iron mag helmet. The only thing is we ride safe, follow the traffic. I usually do nite rides into KL. Yes i wear full gear becoz i hav them.What actually u want to promote cannot be done because of the red tape u put. Helmet, lampu. Yes to u its nothing. Yet u hav to differ nite rides, training rides n Critical Mass.

Y they give that name (critical mass)? hav u wonder? n y friday i just answered yet its just my opinion.

the meaning of critical mass is something to me. Y i've said so? because if panjangla umur, ape akan jadi dunia ini? hav u guys read books on global warming? Inconvinient truth by al gore? Thats actually critical mass play its role to reduce it. REduse not vanish. Kereta is still a need to travel. Tp kalau nak g kedai jarak 5km pun drive (most malaysians) (cyclist biasanya kayuh)dat is critical mass wants to promote. AWARENESS.

Critical- expressing disapproving, comments

mass- large number of ppl gathered together.

So i think thats it- defnition of CM-meluahkan rasa tidak puas hati tentang harga minyak, pencemaran, hak pengguna basikal pejalan kaki dll, kesesakan. Mempromosikan gaya baru dgn mengurangkan segala yg disenarai di atas. Don't u agree with me, dauh darko n stiletto? reasons for them of the concept of CM is be urself with ur bikes. Thats y no leader n no rules. If ade leader then i dun know what it is. if ade rules, only certain ppl can participate which if u know only cyclist aka rider n dll.

n i'm actually giving my CRITICAL bout this. to show dissaproving(perbezaan pendapat) tentang CM. To me everything must come with an aim. The aim of CM to me is i hav already mentioned above. Xkan they create sumthing just like that???? If so hmmmm then i hav no comment. I always wrong all this while. email me hahaziq@hotmail.com

ziq said...
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proporamna said...

People have different opinion, we should respect that. I did not say a misconception but it's just a whole new meaning. It appears to some that we tend to use a term; which in this case 'critical mass'.

In my opinion, let it be so, let us colour Malaysia and KL specifically. Cycle for life. Cheers to all cyclist.

ziq said...

to admin, i hope we can share our opinion, take it + n -. Baru kite setapak ke hadapan.

everything we do must come with a reason n aims.

Sometimes there r things that we hav to think outside the box.

We do things at our very own best so that ppl will take us as an example.

Plus it is best for all viewers to leave their comments on Critical mass.

Azizan said...

I agreed with ziq and his defination about critical mass. Btw, i do ride to work to kl especially on daily basis covering about 50km or more. I m staying in usj. I m in sales. I cycled to see my clients. Just wanna prove that it can be done. Based on my personal experience, it's not dangerous cycling in kl. About 95% road users do give way to me. What is needed is effective riding skills. I do wear helmet and also put on my lights front and back as well as reflectors. Actually cycling is fun, healthy, efficient and environmental friendly. That's the message i m putting across.

Daoh Darko said...

Hi Ziq,
Thanks for your feedback and your definition of a Critical Mass. I let you and your friends be with your idea/anarchaic/opinions there. I salute for your stand and what's right to you on what a Critical Mass should be.

I don't like prolonging an arguement on how a Critical Mass should be or how it was started.

Maybe me and my friends (or even between us) have different opinions.

I take the words of a known London academician, Professor Des Kay aka Prof Kayoss, who is also a frequent London Mass since 1994:

"In the end, Critical Mass is all about celebration of cycling."

Taken from a recent article in Bicyling magazine (btw the article moved me so i decided to organise one in Putrajaya after a few unreplied msgs to Massa-Kritikal) about Critical Mass.

Mind you, Critical Mass is different from another in different cities. What you fight is what you believe. The term "Critical Mass" is very subjective even to massers.

I believe in a cycling celebration.
I believe I can still help organise Putrajaya Critical Mass despite numerous non-supporting cyclists from all over Malaysia.

I believe not to prolong this arguement. Hahahaha!

ziq said...

to daoh darko,

can u link ur blog with this?

kite same2 promote cycling maa

ziq said...

What's wrong with bicycle helmets?
by Michael Bluejay

Many readers are surprised that I don't make a big deal on this site of insisting that cyclists wear helmets, especially since wearing helmets is what most people equate with bike safety.
And in fact that's one reason I avoid cheerleading for helmets in the first place. The idea that cyclists should wear helmets is already so much a part of the collective consciousness that it doesn't make any difference whether I encourage helmet use or not. So instead I focus on what people haven't heard elsewhere: How to ride safely. Let's face it: nobody is going to wear a helmet just because I say they should. People will not be motivated to action hearing something from me that they've already heard a thousand times before.

But it goes further than that: Focusing on helmets distracts people from what's more likely to actually save their lives: Learning how to ride safely. It's not that I'm against helmets, I'm against all the attention placed on helmets at the expense of safe riding skills. Helmets are not the most important aspect of bike safety. Not by a long shot.

Unfortuntely, helmets have become a panacea: Many parents and city & state governments think they can slap a flimsy piece of styrofoam on a kid's head and they've done their part to make sure that kids are safe. But it's actually the opposite. This approach is akin to outfitting somebody with a flak jacket and then having them run through a firing range. If you had to choose between giving a child a helmet or the education about how to ride safely, you should choose the education and ditch the helmet every time.

Of course you don't have to choose between one or the other, but the point is that most people are choosing, and they're choosing the helmet only. For example, helmet laws are popping up all over the country, but how many of those same jurisdictions are mandating classes in how to ride safely? Almost none. In Adam Sandler's movie Click, he sends his kids out biking at night, dutifully decked out with helmets -- but no lights! That's what the problem is: A misguided focus, a belief that bike safety begins and ends with putting a helmet on your head.

for more visit

Kayuh-lah Wahai Rakanku said...

nak tumpang link

makasih... comment yah

Daoh Darko said...

ziq dan kayuh-lah wahai kawanku,

boleh je kalau nak link. no problem. ada event kasi tau kitorang. email, putrajayamasser@yahoo.com

kitorang publishkan sekali :)

Anonymous said...

"Dumb massers will conquer the whole damn roads while smart massers will stop at traffic lights and obey. A smart group of massers will be lead by one or two other massers, who will stop the traffice momentarily for the whole group to go. This is to avoid accidents. Mind you if a dumb masser trying to be cocky and block the whole lane for his own bike "ego" then it might lead to a very sad accident."

Can you come to Vancouver and teach them here about that? It would be welcome, since here they do the opposite. They block traffic, yell, and accidents happen.

saifudin said...

I last time used to ride in Melaka. they call it HASH.

No matter wht the term they use, I don't care. As long everyone can ride happily, where father can be with his son, where old friends can meet up after hard days work, where we can share views, where we can establish contacts........who gives a damn bout the term we use.

see u tomorrow nite. ^_^

Saifudin Bahrudin

abuomar said...

kat UK aku pernah tengok orang tumpang kereta dan sangkut basikal kat belakang. sampai satu tempat dia turun ngan basikal. sy kayuh juga ke ofis. rumah-ofis 10km. jimat RM5 setiap hari. setengah jam saja.
sy sokong apa-apa kempen berbasikal kerana ia mesra alam sekitar dan bagus utk kesihatan.


Daoh Darko said...

Hi anonymous,
Would love to go to Vancouver but hey, one man againts all. Tough odds. :P It all comes down to the culture, mentality, opinions and difference.

I'm about the love and 'french'. Haha!

Akum Saifudin,
Betul tu. Whatever the term is as long we can all ride happily ever after while holding hands to the tip of the rainbow - saya ok saja. :)

Akum Abu Omar,
Been following your blog for a while. I've read your posts visiting the UK and also your trainings. Thanks for reading this humble blog of us.

Saya tak dapat nak buat tiap2 hari pergi kerja. Kadang2 balik pun lambat dan kayuh 36km kalau takde shower kat office pun susah jugak. Selalu saya akan drive ke office dan letak basikal dalam kereta. Balik ke rumah naik basikal. Tinggalkan kereta. Saya basikal dari kereta. :P

Malam ni kepada sesiapa yang aan hadir, datang sharp at 9pm. Setup then boleh roll pukul 9.30pm.

Ober Frederiksen said...

to fucking idiot ziq.

i went for the critical massa once.

first of all, they were late. said the time was yada yada, but then movingg at yada yada almost 2 hrs later than that.

thats one. and i thought they might be or actually have some knowledge in cycling in the city. oh guess what? No helmets. Thanks for endangering urselves. but seriously i gotta respect the way they took over the road but then ure endangering urself. whats the point of showing it that way?

anyways, malas nak cakap panjang. SCREW YOU ZIQ!

And oh please do visit my blog as well so that you could thrash me out.

Kayuh-lah Wahai Rakanku said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Kenapa nak gaduh-gaduh pasal critical mass yang tak menepati kriteria kritikal mass atau nak kena pakai helmet ke tak dsb.

to ziq, you kena faham, definisi critical mass yang u ambil tu berdasarkan definisi negara luar yang amat berlainan kebudayaan dan mentaliti. Mereka dah advance dalam aktiviti basikal dan kita masih lagi beginner.

Jika u terus mempertikaikan apa yang daoh buat tidak menepati definisi sebenar CM, sampai bila-bila kita akan tetap jadi beginner.

Perkara pertama yang kita perlukan adalah number of riders, lagi banyak maka lagi menepati definisi MASS. Tapi bila kita cuba persuade setiap rider then the outcome dipenuhi dengan komen itu dan ini, bila kita nak dapat definisi MASS tu?.

Alan Ang said...

Well, I just think that if you're planning to take over the streets to try to promote cycling - that's the wrong way of doing.

What's the difference between that and having a demonstration ?? Why wanna demonstrate on the road and have the possibility of causing an unwanted incidents ??

If you're going to promote cycling, do it the right way. Promote cycling with its safety rules too. The first step of biking safely on the roads is to wear a helmet. Why? Everybody knows the answer.

Well, at the end of the day, I just wanna ride my bike (safely of course) and meet more friends that have the same hobby. Being selfish, I want to go cycling, meet people and go home safely to my family, instead of them coming to see me in the hospital or morgue.

Cheers guys !!

eddy said...

Papehal pon the 3rd critical mass sgt bejaya!Rase nyer almost 100 org jugak dtg.

For ziq.
Yes org melaysia mmg penakut dan tak paham critical mass.Sbb tuh takut nak join ur event at kl and suka pakai helmet.

and yes jugak mmg suka "over dress" cam racer.Bila lagi nak pakai...takan nak pakai lycra masuk shopping complex..hehe..chill bro

Khairusy Shakirin Samsi (ShaqueAttack) said...

Hi Mr Blogger,

Hey Firdaus M. well done ha and big clap to u for the great achievements organizing Critical Mass.

it was a good commented from mr Ziq and i think we should take a concern in this matter.

I agreed with Ziq on the explanations regarding the CM but to do it in the havoc town such in KL need more effort and well organize.

What a worried is a public concern if we ride such thing in KL. They will match us same thing like Mat rempit beskal version.

The idea is like this.. ziq if u like to organize a nite ride in KL.let we do it...

I had planned this last time but what I worried is traffic condition and safety awareness.

but if u tend to do it..just gimme a page.

Daoh Darko said...

Hahahaha kamu ni saja shaque!

Kalau kamu buat saya ikut. Sebab korang GLC pakai topi keledar ngan seat belt sekali. Tapi saya datang sambil promote putrajaya critical mass sekali. :D

Anonymous said...

sudah aa ziq.. ko semua nak join.. nak main basikal plak .. main je laa paintball tu...

Anonymous said...


firstly...i nak ckp simple je..
u x nak joint..critical mass...that's it! x yah comment ape2...yg akan menyakitkan hati org...
u r trying to tell..everyone what is the meaning of critical mass...but, who give a damn!!!!what the meaning is?? u x nak joint..then diam je..ok?
very simple...4 me..klau u comment mcm ni...i senang...u mmg xde cycling spirit..tu je..so tolong..jgn byk ckp please...to the organizer of cycling mass putrajaya..keep it up!! hope to see u guys again next month ya!!!chow


ipodroyalriversiam said...

hoi! kayuh je lah..

Anonymous said...

thursday night ride at TTDI. What the different? is it still consider as a mass ride?

Anonymous said...

No leader? It seems there is.

Anonymous said...

how do you guys define cycling celebration with critical mass? I just curious and tend to agree with ziq. Saturday & sunday rides, it is still consider as a celebraion. What celebration here are we saying?

Anonymous said...

i can see how you are dying to be different. you even spell differently. because most people would say BREAK the rules. you say BRAKE. yeah its pretty obvious you are breaking rules. grammar and spelling rules.

to fucking idiot ziq.
anyways, malas nak cakap panjang. SCREW YOU ZIQ!

to ziq, you kena faham, definisi critical mass yang u ambil tu berdasarkan definisi negara luar yang amat berlainan kebudayaan dan mentaliti. Mereka dah advance dalam aktiviti basikal dan kita masih lagi beginner.

firstly...i nak ckp simple je..
u x nak joint..critical mass...that's it! x yah comment ape2...yg akan menyakitkan hati org...
u r trying to tell..everyone what is the meaning of critical mass...but, who give a damn!!!!what the meaning is?? u x nak joint..then diam je..ok?
very simple...4 me..klau u comment mcm ni...i senang...u mmg xde cycling spirit

For ziq.
Yes org melaysia mmg penakut dan tak paham critical mass.Sbb tuh takut nak join ur event at kl and suka pakai helmet.

HAHAHA. You people here are very childish. Why do you have to keep talking about people’s spelling and grammar mistake? You cikgu bahasa inggeris kat sekolah ye? Come on. Give Ziq a break. Or should I say brake? Haha. Whatever. We are human remember? And human make mistakes. Don’t you know that?

Is it necessary to mention the word “fucking idiot” and “screw you”? why oh why. Suke sangat mencarut kat orang, nak kena babab ni. =p Because frankly man, I want to ask a question. Are you a 5 year old?

It’s taken from other country’s definition. Yeah. If so, apesal nak guna jugak the word critical mass? Use your own word lah. Malaysians will never learn if we don’t start. NOW. Until when you going to wait? We are still beginner you said? Its because YOU put it that way. If you want to change it, you can. How? But simply trying and to start. When? NOW.

To me, Ziq was only giving his opinion. What is so wrong with that? We live in this world, not alone. There are a lot of people in this world, do you notice? Obviously there will be a lot of opinions as well. Why is it so hard for you to accept other’s opinion? Macam mana nak hidup bro kalau tak boleh dengar pandangan orang? Baru dapat opinion sikit dah nak melenting, panas punggung. What, do you have an IQ of a 7 year old? Sikit-sikit nak marah. God. Be a professional and accept people’s opinion. You don’t give a damn? Haha. If there are hundreds of people like you, Malaysia will be very very kampung. You can’t accept people’s opinion right? And you don’t give a damn. Kesian..

To Eddy, hahahaha. I guess you’re right. Kalau tak takut, apa nak kecoh2 pakai helmet ke tak kan? Safety first, yeah. That’s very true. But, try something new for a change. Hello, do you think Malaysian drivers jahat sangat sampai nak langgar orang naik basikal ke bang. They do give ways to us you know. They are quite tolerable.

So all I want to say is, it’s ok to hear people’s opinion. Face it like a man. Opinions are given to improve something. Bukan nak menyakitkan hati. When you feel like there’s something wrong, you would naturally want to give out your opinion. Untuk membangunkan. Bukan meruntuhkan. If you feel like the opinions given are not right, say it nicely. You are a man right? Why acting childishly? Saying nasty words. Calling people tak ada cycling spirit. No awareness. Yeah, maybe God give you the awareness of cycling, but it seems like He did not give you enough space of brain to think before saying something. poor you. ;)

p/s: because of you Ziq, now this blog sangat popular :)