Putrajaya Critical Mass - 27th June 2008

Hey everyone! Critical Mass is back again this month. Let's all get together show this people how we can survive this hard time of the high petrol price. Let's ride and show them how we enjoy cycling.

Let's not get too anarchy about this. I let other bloggers do their rants. Hehe. The theme is No Petrol, Just Bicycles! Easy? Just bring your bikes and we roll out like mad men! So come over and ride with us!

Venue: Mamak Double Trouble, Presint 9
Date: 27 June 2008
Meet Time: 9.00 PM
Ride Time: 9.30 PM SHARP!

Help us to promote Putrajaya Critical Mass by distributing our June flyer.
Save the image above, photocopy and distribute to as much people as you can.

Be safe, bring ride lamps (blinkers) and wear your helmets.


Anonymous said...

Hi there,
Very interesting. I read about the CM abroad from bike mags. Surely it's a good medium to address issues. Keep up the cool ride. How far do you guys go every outing?

Daoh Darko said...

Hi anonymous!
We've got inspired about CM thru bike mags as well. We were pretty much awed with the photos and got excited when we googled CM.

The first couple of rides we did were pretty much non-advocacy, more for the sake of enjoying cycling.

We go from 20-30km and don't worry the pace are slow. We have new riders every time and we don't want them to get discouraged. :)

Please come and join us!

Anonymous said...

Hi Daoh,
Yep, will try to squeeze in any chance if I could. Keep it up & all the best of luck.

pak ngah rep said...

yup.. try my best to get in!!

Daoh Darko said...

Pak Ngah Rep,
Kalau berkesempatan datang jangan tak datang. Minta ramaikan majlis keramaian kecil-kecilan ini. Hehehe! :D

ziq said...
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adzha11 said...

this is very interesting. I am thinking of starting a critical mass penang chapter. Do you think that you could sorta advertise/ highlight that in this blog? If all goes well, we could maybe have one in penang this friday, if it is not too short a notice.

Daoh Darko said...

Hi adzha11,
Hey thanks for supporting. Totally support you to organise a Mass in Penang. Do it and let us know your blog address. We link you up. We will help each other. :)

ziq said...

penang, u guys hav to do CM. its a town n its busy. Can u imagine one day everyone cycle, less cars. OMG thats soooo COOL. I've cycle with my fren from Sg Petani to Penang with our MTB. it was fun. Plus penang area (island) mostly 1 way.

Anonymous said...

wow,this is a very cool and healthy event..how i wish i could join..maybe next month after i get my 1st MTB...
ride hard!!!

saifudin said...

bro daoh,

aper email bro?? email saye saifudinbahrudin@gmail.com

nak exchange gambar nie. hehehe.