100, tonight we ride in Putrajaya! Hehe, corny?

No one would have thought - especially me - the turn out of this humble mass would reach a great deal of 100 cyclists.

Yes, 100.

From the mere 30 or so, now it has become a great number of down to earth cyclists.

People came all the way from Cheras and Ampang. Way far from KL. Some even took the effort to cycle from home. We had two riders came from Kampung Pandan but missed out on the mass. Hehe. But we managed to have a good conversation and exchanged numbers before the two continued their way conquering the Shangri-la hills at 1am in the morning.

When I reached at the meeting point at 9.15 pm, others already started coming in. (Thank you for being sharpish you guys! :) ) Some were still setting up their rides while talking and got to know each other. There were some regular faces and many new faces. About 9.20pm the number increased to nearly 60 people or so.

There were parents, who brought their kids. That night I got to meet a cool dad who brought his kid, I think he's only 7 years old. He said the little fella literally begged him to bring him along as the flyer said "Bring your family too!" But I've gotta give the creds for these kids and their parents for finishing the whole 21 kilos. Well done, massive kudos!

There were riders in their 40s and 50s. All came with the same excitement in their faces as those who are young at age. Same pscyhed up mojos came from the newbies. Even good natured and funny guys from Tukang Basikal Fook Sang came to show support (and also promoting their bikes! Thanks guys!)

Most of them were in jerseys, lycras, shorts (one was in our proud Malaysian yellow-tiger striped jersey, thanks for supporting! Next time bring the whole team!) and I who got too much of 'bike messenger' vids on youtube wore my tight jeans. :P People called me crazy and laughed. I don't care, as long it was a good laugh for all of us. Besides the mass was getting bigger and bigger by the minute for me to even care how I dressed. (My tights were at the laundry la...)

As the marshalls and I were getting ready to ride suddenly a military truck swerved into our meeting point. We heard shouts. I thought, "Ah sudah... Belum ride lagi dah ada askar ke?" I turned out to be wrong! Inside were 20 or so more cyclists shouting and yelling in excitement, all got hyped out for the mass! I wasn't surprised... I WAS A-MAZED! I got to know later on, these fellas we're from Universiti Pertahanan. Congratulations and many thanks to all of you commandos. :)

Imagine, in a way, we're not only promoting good cycling culture, all of us felt secured we had been 'approved' by at least an authority from the government. The lorry escorted us all the way.

The ride had been briefed. It was 10 pm. We started late but not later than the previous masses. Everyone was ready. And we rolled into the night.

Traffic stopped to look. Motorists were awed. Freaking 100 conquering lanes. We stopped traffic but there were no honk of disapprovals from motorists. I saw a few who smiled at us and one lifted his thumbs up. The ride were in a massive group until later on we were divided into a few. But all were guided by the regulars till end.

All was great from the beginning till the wee hours of our post ride sessions.
We came, we rode, we conquered.
We laughed, we cheered, we cranked our bells and honked our horns.
We are the 100.
We are Putrajaya Critical Mass.
(Saya berasa sangat poyo dengan ayat ini! Haha!)

Thank you for all of you guys for supporting the events. It maybe nothing to some but it means a whole lot for the cyclists who came. We cool. Thanks a million. We will meet again next month. :)

PS: If you ever want to share your thoughts or write a review of your own and want to share with us your pictures please write to us at putrajayamasser[a]yahoo.com. We will publish them for you here. It will be a long time till the next mass. Let's share with others who couldn't make it, so we can make this event bigger, better and stronger.

Also special thanks to Kevin Han from www.bicyclebuysell.com for his support although he couldn't make it that nite. :) Must come la Kevin... Everyone wants to meet you la... Semua orang tanya saya mana you.

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Anonymous said...

nk tnyr la bro..pas nih next ride biler date dier....bulan julai ni ker.....kasi tau info skit..aper2 kasi tau kt email sayer ...adrie102@yahoo.com....thanks

A. H. WAN [uncle.D] said...

Thanks everybody, especially to our brudder DD

It was just the beginning. Hope the number will grow to 1k on Fridaynite of August 29th prior to our national day.

"The more the merrier..."

regards was-salam

Ober Frederiksen said...

damn. 29th of august? ;(

haha. this time ill bring my road riding bike. no more freaking DH tires on road. haha.

heero yui said...

tahniah bro...ramai giler yg turun malam tu seperti kata uncle D hope can grow to 1k riders next coming event

Daoh Darko said...

Event every last friday of the month. So far baru kali ketiga. Bulan depan will be on the 25th. Check blog ni for more info. Flyer design dah siap masuk July saya uploadkan. :) Datang tau! Kita mau cecah 1K in August. Haha!

Uncle D,
Cayalah uncle. Uncle tolong promotekan sekali event ni. Minta maaf malam tu tak dapat sama2 kayuh ngan uncle, saya kat belakang sweep orang. Hehehe. Akum...

Thanks for coming dude! Next pakai slick tires kita belasah Putrajaya. Tak payah sayang2 tayar tu. Next ride bukan 29th august. Next ride insyaallah 25th July. Jangan susah hati every last friday maaa. Bawak your friends. :) Datang kali ni kita borak2.

Wah inilah supporter paling setia sekali. Dia ada since critical mass yang pertama! Terima kasih banyak2!

Alan Ang said...

Great job bro !!

Can't wait till the next ride in July.

Alimuddin 'Don' Shahid said...

Good luck for the next ride... regards

Anonymous said...

lama sgt la nk tunggu next mnth nih..naper x bt 2 minggu skali tiap-tiap jmaat malam..kan lagi ok..lagi best....ramai dpt member..ride kt putrajaya pn keta x byk..so mlm2 ada gak aktiviti nk bt....kannnn syooookkkkk.....kita bt putrajaya ni mcm kiter nyer tpt biler waktu malammmm..yahoooo

Daoh Darko said...

Hi anonymous!
Regulars selalu ada kat tempat sama every friday. Tapi macam sikit jek. Tak ramai. Diorang ni la marshalls tiap2 kali critical mass. :)

Ko nak kayuh ngan kitorang pun ok. Jumaat malam. pukul 9pm. Tempat sama. Mesti ada orang la. :D

Belacak said...

Congrat bro....

Me was riding 60k that nite (plus sesat)Extuali my home just 10k from DT. Catch u next ride..

Daoh Darko said...

waaaaaah... akhirnya abang Belacak datang jugak. Saya macam sedih itu hari abang datang masa mass june tapi tak kayuh sebab kita start lambat.

Kali ni kita akan cuba improve lagi dan lagi. Tapi itu hari tak sempat nak kenal abang. Insyaallah kita jumpa next mass. :)

Anonymous said...

ok cantek la daoh....aku try mlm jumaat nih..u all ada ke mlm tu...x sabar rasanya..tp nk tau gak yg u all ni ride tahap speeding tu cmner.u all style racing 130km/hr ker.cicir la aku cmni...aku klu ride nih..ilek-ilek jer..(pki mtb).nk tgk bulan dan bintang tuh...heheh(pancit ler)k cantek..so jmpa kt kedai mamak tu ker..cmner nk tau u all ride mlm jumaat nih...karang tah saper2 tah yg aku tegur nanti..tah orang nk g kedai beli roti canai ker..mampos aku...hehehe....(adie)

Daoh Darko said...

Hallo anonymous,
Cun datang hari jumaat malam ni. Kitorang ada. Aku insyaallah ada. Tunggu kat corner the Star office tu. Ramai je yang pakai MTB hehehe. Tak laju. Kitorang bukan tgk bintang ngan bulan kitorang siap kira kaca2 pecah kat jalan. Selamba je join. :)

You are more than welcome.