Putrajaya Critical Mass - 25 March 2011

Ok people and cyclists! We're good to go this month.

Date: Friday, 25 March 2011
Venue: Palace of Justice, Putrajaya

Meet time: 9.00pm

Rollin': 9.30pm

Remember to bring your helmets, lights and definitely bikes!

Please park at the designated area - Parking lot next to the Palace of Justice.
It will fit your lorries, backhoes, trailers, double-decker busses, trains and planes.
DO NOT park at the right front side of P.O.J. Your vehicle WILL BE towed away.

Be there or be freakin' square!


Anonymous said...

interesting. ..am newbie. whats the distance like? past participant whats the headcount like? happy cycling

abot said...

most PCMs done previousl....the distance was abt more or less around 20km!!
The pace usually around 16km/hr or slower...depending on which area of Purajaya the mass entered on that particula night!
Bring your lights as certain area can be dark...
Last PCM, if not mistaken around 150 riders participated!

Anonymous said...

thanks abot

Anonymous said...

This month ada?

Ms. Bunga said...

Hi, when's the next PCM? I was hoping for end of April but didn't see any post on this. Thanks