Putrajaya Critical Mass - 25 February 2011

Poster by our affiliated clan: Haitsan KNR

Darko's ride...

When you thought there's no more PCM, we're back to give you more (check next month surprise collaboration)!
And when we thought last month we're running dry on cyclists, you guys supported us 70 people strong! That's all about PCM bros, supporting each other for passion of cycling. I know the pic above has no relations whatsoever with what we're writing here. Who cares we love chicks on bikes. Say what?

So the show must go on, guys! This month's ride gonna be awesome and better than the last!

Date: Friday, 25 February 2011
Venue: Palace of Justice, Putrajaya

Meet time: 9.00pm

Rollin': 9.30pm

Remember to bring your helmets, lights and definitely bikes!

Please park at the designated area - Parking lot next to the Palace of Justice.
It will fit your lorries, backhoes, trailers, double-decker busses, trains and planes.
DO NOT park at the right front side of P.O.J. Your vehicle WILL BE towed away.

Be there or be freakin' square!

Flyer designed by Haitsan of Keliwon Night Ride. One of the few members who dares to night cycling in Putrajaya. Muahahahahhahahahahha!