Putrajaya Critical Mass - 26 March 2010


DO NOT park at the usual place (Right front side of P.O.J.)
We don't want your vehicles towed away.

For the ride this month end, pliz park at the designated area.
Parking lot next to the Palace of Justice. (See map).
It will fit your lorries, backhoes, trailers, double-decker busses & trains.

Click pix for larger image

Date: Friday, 26 March 2010
Venue: Palace of Justice, Putrajaya
Meet time: 9.00pm
Rock and Rollin': 9.30pm sharp!!!
*Don't be late - We ain't gonna wait.

# Don't forget to bring your skull protectors (Helmets lah), lights and bikes!


Ghaz said...

If I am not mistaken that parking area has been cordoned off now. Somebody please confirm

Daoh Darko said...

Hi Ghaz, I think the one that's being closed is on the other side of POJ. Think this one should be available.

But no worries, we recheck again and let all of you know soon.

Allen Lai said...

Hi all,

I will be riding this month. Missed last month very much. Cannot help it as I was cheering at the Ironman Langkawi.

Allen Lai

Allen Lai said...

Hi Gahz,

Yes, the car park on this side of POJ still open to public. I was there this morning (22/3/2010) sebab kena saman. :)

See you and regards,

Allen Lai

Allen Lai said...

Hi Darko,

Please contact me urgently. I have invited Tan Sri Samsuddin for next month's Birthday meet. have not got your tel number. My mobile :0133948839 or email at zlai@propertychoice.com.my

Thanks .

Allen Lai