Dah nak 2 tahun wehhhhh

It's been a year plus since I joined PCM. Through PCM, I met new friends, joined a gila-kool cycling group and went on gila-bangat cycling routes. Routes that I never thought I'd ride with cyclists that I never thought would be so accommodating (but u must be punctual, though).

Throughout these two years, PCM has its ups and downs. We shifted to Palace of Justice, we received hate letters/emails and most importantly, we got noticed!

Why am I writing this? Coz in one month's time, insya allah, we are going to celebrate PCM's 2nd birthday!

So apa plan bulan depan? I think we should have a karaoke competition. Kasi pecah Palace of Justice!

Siapa nak bawak cis kek lagi tahun ni? Chef cis kek tahun lepas dah pindah ke luar kawasan coverage. Jadi dia takleh nak menghantar cis kek. Unless dia amik cuti la.. kesian lak dia.

Unfortunately I might not be able to come to April's PCM due to work commitments. Ada pulak sports carnival company kat Johor yang diwajibkan kehadiran. Macammana nak buat? Kerja maa.. It pays for the expensive hobby and the wonderful cycling trips :)

So Daoh, apa plan birthday kedua ni? Kalo buat 23 April, insya allah aku buleh datang.


Man CIOCC said...

Ohhhhhh, sya pun takde, kena gi outstation. Ujong bulan April kita celebrate Birthday ke2 !

Daoh Darko said...

We can have it on the 19th April if need be so everyone, loved ones can attend!

Thanks for the support Aini (bola2api)! Lu mmg best beb!

Also let's get Angah and hubby to come this time as well! Boleh bawak Anuar Manang sekali!

Abang Man, you MUST come! Not this month but we're celebrating next month. :D

I'm trying to get freebies and coupons from LBS for this. So let's see how it goes. :D

bola2api said...


Allen Lai said...

Hi all,

Count me in. Any date is a great date to celebrate. Please confirm celebration date so everybody can prepare/chip in.

Allen Lai

Angah said...

Terbatuk2 aku haha..rupanya nama aku disebut2.

will try to come with hubby if time permits..will call Nua too since he'll be in Malaysia until June.


bola2api said...

Aku nk bwk jgk benda..tp belom pikir apa lagi nk bwk.
Will think of something easy to make n eat :)