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It was raining early that evening and the rest of Klang Valley having thunderstorms, we didn't expect much. But people keep loading out their bikes by the minutes from everywhere and we had the biggest turned-up so far with around 150 cyclists.

We want to share with you a vid made by one of our dedicated supporter, Ijass. Thanks for the pics and vid!

For those who wants to share their pics and vids with us, drop us an email at or tweet us at

Night Ride with Putrajaya Critical Mass by Allen Lai
Putrajaya Critical Mass 21 by Basikal (Ijass)


Allen Lai said...

Thanks Daoh and Ijass for your Video and heads up to the other links.

It will be very hard to match your commitments to PCM.

Yes it was a great experience for me and for sure count you can count me in to ride PCM again and again.

bobdbilder said...

LOL. What turns you on? The camera or the flash?

Daoh Darko said...

It's our pleasure to have someone who are as experienced and strong willed as you. Salute to you and please come again with your friends.

It was the frame I'm riding on. :P