PCM No. "19" - Pix & Pieces

Hans came all the way from Shah Alam!

Whoa! 70 +++ riders turned up for the ride!
That's a good sign, 50% from the usual 130 pax.

The best part was we did not leave the pack, except from the Alamanda Hill to PICC but we did wait for everyone & cycled back in a clan. It was also a breakthrough. For the first time in the history of PCM we rode +- 30km! Thats an achievement. For that, give a smack on your own bottom (Aww!) or give a pat on your back.

Ayie bonked...

Moral of this story:-
Never underestimate your body. Listen & listen well when it speaks.
We are damn lucky if we could make it to the trauma room. If we do not?

When Ayie bonked, it got me really worried. He turned into jello & was totally zonked. Lucky for him, there were some otai's around. Sham Daewa was seen reciting Quranic verses to calm him down. Hans quickly shoved Ayie into his hatchback & zoomed to the Putrajaya hospital.

Thank you all especially to Hans (from Shah Alam), Rizal, Sham Daewa, Adi Putrajaya, Nik & the gang for delivering the bikes & for waiting around the emergency room. That's what friends are for.

Thanks again Nik for sending me some fabulous shots.

40 blokes & some clones. The other 35 got sleepy.

Place of Justice - Pullman Lakeside - Precinct 8 -
Tmn. Botani - Alamanda - Persiaran Timur - PICC & back

Ride safe,

*Make sure you pack something light before each ride.
*For the first 50km non stop ride, I'll grab 3 pieces of bread, 2 slices of cheese & a glass of hot choc. ManCIOCC's Clan will then stop for a 45 minutes breather & gobble-up a packet of rice or a set of roti kaya & a pair of half boiled eggs. Then your remaining 30-40 km or so will not be so strenuous.

Then again, if you think you can but you actually can't & yet you think you could...you're just looking for trouble or just plain stupid. If you're the hardy type, I can't say much about you.


bola2api said...

wah.. best la route ni..

ayie, ayie.. jgn le macho sgt.. minum n makan kena jaga. nasib baik kau idop lagi, dik..

bola2api said...

p/s: daoh pakai jersey baruuuu woootttt

Anonymous said...

Salam .......
Bro Man....
After Raya bila?. This plan?.

Man CIOCC said...

Salam Aidil Fitri untuk all PCMers,

Utk ganti PCM bulan Sept, maybe kita adakan "PCM Special Sunday" pada Ahad, 10 Okt '09. Tapi plan ni masih dlm perancangan.

Pada Jumaat, 30 Okt '09 (last Friday of the month), tetap akan diadakan PCM sepert biasa.

heero yui said...

apa citer nih..ayie blasah laju time perut kosong ker