Putrajaya Critical Mass - 26 June 2009

Okay guys! Here it is! PCM is still on and going on strong for another month!
This time we're giving out a really cool bike bell for the first 50 cyclists!

What do you have to do?
Be the first 50 to come (sharp!) and register with us.
Once you got your cute bike bell, take a picture with us with your bike and a cool post.
So come with your coolest outfit! Spot on a Pink Floyd or your Devo tee and jeans and sneakers or whatever than your lycras and tights!
We're putting it on our blog! (Ramai anonymous kecik hati gambar tak masuk kan? kan? Haha!)

Date: Friday, 26 June 2009
Venue: Palace of Justice (Istana Kehakiman), Putrajaya
Meeting time: 9.00 PM
Ride time: 9.30 PM
Distance: About 20km
Ride speed: 15-25km/h

So don't forget Putrajaya Critical Mass this month. Head down here, bring everyone and bring your bikes!

Thanks to Yong from Tukang Basikal Fook Sang for his support!

PS: Sorry, still no e-flyer design this month. :( Bad boy...


Ghaz said...

June 27 is a Saturday. Are you sure?

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr.Daoh;
Are you sure?.... 27 is on Saturday.
Plz reconfirm the date...... Nanti datang kayuh sorang plak.

Daoh Darko said...

Sorry guys. Amende yang aku pikir pun tak tau. It's 26 june. Fridaaaaaaaaaaay!!

kuman said...

kali nie kemungkinan besar tak join... aku antor wakil mamat pump kunin gantikan aku kayuh... hehehehehe...

Daoh Darko said...


Tertipu Tipah said...

Mr Daoh sir,

Helmet is still compulsory or can I just put on cycling cap?

me2 said...

lets join!..

>> better wear a helmet. many researches say that wearing a helmet reduces the risk of head injury by up to 60 per cent...

kuman said...

time aku miss nie la ader org kasi bling2... time aku datang takda laks nak bagi hadiah... jeles betul laa...
nextime aku datang bawak bling2 sendiri laa... gantung kat handlebar kiri dan kanan :)