We're #1!

We are one.

I never imagined that Putrajaya Critical Mass has gone this far and survived. I personally thought by the third month everything the regulars has contributed go flush down to the drain. But here we are, old school and new school get together every end of the month, sharing smiles, cog talks and bikes.

We are going to celebrate this month. May not be a big one but we promise with our limited resources we will try and make sure everyone is happy.

Date: 24 April 2009
Venue: Palace of Justice (Istana Kehakiman), Putrajaya
Meeting time: 9.00 PM
Ride time: 9.30 PM
Distance: About 20km
Ride speed: 15-25km/h

How are we celebrating?

Potluck, anyone? Pack up whatever food you have at home and have a potluck party at the small padang in front of the Perbadanan Putrajaya building (across POJ). Sharing is caring.

Toyol Pemalu and BC Kelolo will be opening up their car boot sale on apparels and accessories. Hopefully they can make it this time again. Toyol came up with a cool raglan tee for sale. Anyone who like to open up a car boot sale is cool as well.

This month we need the help all we can get from everyone. I'm hoping our friends of Putrajaya Easy Riders would help us out again on the route this month again.

My friends and I would like to wish everyone who has been supporting Putrajaya Critical Mass all these while thank you so much. Even though we don't know the most of you, we love you to cherish all the good and fun memories you had throught a year's ride. Thank you for believing.

See you there! :D

PS: Sorry for my lateness posting this announcement. Most of us are pretty much caught up at work this time of the year. Wonder why... Anyway... sigh, finally...

Concept design by Taufiq Basikal Oren


Labu said...


Berisman said...

Okay..let's go potlucking;-)I shall bring some..See you there,insyaAllah.

Pak Adib

zul Bangsar said...

Okay..InsyaAllah. Saya pun akan bawa walaupun x byak, tapi org kata sikit-2 jadi bukit. betul tak?...

Daoh Darko said...

Salam everyone,
Hope you guys could make it this month one!

Pak Adib,
Saya ingin minta bantuan PERs untuk sekali lagi have the honour to be the guides in the mass. Saya harap pihak tuan dan Col. Azudin dapat bantu sekali dengan route.

Boleh ka Pak Dib? :)

Terima kasih.

kuman said...

wahhh... dah 1thn rupanya. tahniah kepada semua sebab mampu bertahan selama 1thn. bukan senang nak anjurkan program yang ramai tukang kayuh dan ramai tukang komen :)

Daoh Darko said...

Penat wooo kuman...
Rasa kadang2 macam dah tanak dah buat lagi dah... haha.

Saya ingat mau tukar orang la jaga blog and tolong organise. Ada sapa2 interested? :D

Taufiq Beskal Oren said...

aku sampai! tapi naik kete lagi la :D hehehe

Berisman said...

Daoh Darko,
InsyaAllah ,Col Azudin and beberapa ahli PERs bisa membantu saperti PCM12.

Pak Adib

drtamil said...

Tentative map of the ride at

Still waiting for the list of pitstops. Distance 24.3km.

Drebar Ambulans

anthem3rider said...

The route proposed... agak menarik, lain dari PCM sebelumnya, distance lebih kurang sama.

Saya tak nak komen banyak ... just tunggu... (hint awal, route-route yang Kol Azudin proposed sebelum ni memang kaw dan menarik).

So jangan ketinggalan

obes said...

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Daoh Darko said...

Salam everyone.

Dr., Col dan Anthem;
Route PERs saya rasa mmg best, very different and i think you guys have opened up new routes and great views in Putrajaya. As small as Putrajaya might be, I wonder how many routes we have missed other than the Putrajaya Rolling.

Thank you very much for the support and we shall meet this Saturday.


"The notion that more cars equals more wealth is really more myth than reality."

Hmmmm... was eyeing on the new Honda City since it's a hybrid engine. I guess i have to scout a carbon frame road to reduce my carbon footprint now?

Very interesting topic here.
Suggestions anyone? Let's discuss.

Angah said...

I'll be there with cheese cake..

kuman said...

ada plan nak buat makan2 ker?? kot2 la ada plan nak bawak makanan sikit sorang...

Daoh Darko said...

Best! :)

Potluck ler... Bawak makanan sorang sikit, lepas tu share2 la.
Kita bukak lepas kayuh. Cycle then refuel. :)

kuman said...

Aku bawak perut jek. Nanti aku share la perut aku ngan makanan sapa-sapa :)

Daoh Darko said...

ko bawak perut tapi bawak perut lembu ke... perut kambing ke... hahahahha

aku nak masak lemak hehe!

Azizi Ahmad Termizi: said...


Boleh tak saya nak datang makan aje ;-)

btw its Istana Kehakiman...not jabatan. and the small padang, it's in front of kompleks Perbadanan Putrajaya..cheers

Daoh Darko said...

Boleh jugak Encik Azizi. :D
No problem.

BTW, saya dah tukar typo errors. :P

Jumpa malam ni!