On your mark, get set... KL Cycle Racing

For those dying to rempit on PCM nights, please read this.
You guys rock!

Nick Flyger
, is organizing an informal race this Saturday, 18th April at Putrajaya. However to kick things off he will run two races over the next two weekends to gauge interest and motivation for people to turn up.

The first race will be this Saturday
at the Putrajaya Persiaran Timur Circuit.

Check out the website he has whipped up, for the Race Courses page that contains maps and instructions on how to get there. If there are any problems leave a comment and he will clarify for you. The website also has a summary of the results from the survey, calender of proposed races and race rules.

Website: http://sites.google.com/site/klcycleracing

starts 9am. Please be at the start/finish before 8:30 am so the racers can sign on, be placed into a grade and he can brief everyone on race rules/etiquette. He expect racing to be over in less than 2 hours and some of us will probably carry on for a long ride in the Sepang area.

Depending on numbers and motivation, the race will have 3 categories.

Cat 1: Open - 3 Laps (~54km)
Cat 2: Vets/Women - 2 Laps (~36 km)
Cat 3: Social/Novice - 1 Lap (~18 km)

He is not talking anything fancy. Imagine to have 3-4 racing areas where we could have regular circuit races and time-trialing. Every now and then we could organize a classics style point to point race, hill climb, criterium at the Sepang go-kart track or maybe even track racing. The racing season could culminate in a 2 day stage race over a weekend e.g. morning and afternoon stages.

If we had enough interest I think we could run categories for example open, vets, novice, social, women etc. Otherwise the races would be handicaps (scratch, break and limit bunches).

Prizes would be at a minimum unless someone wanted to sponsor them. Race fees would be low or nothing depending on if or how many marshals we needed. He is not looking to make money, just wants to get some racing happening in the area.

Nick have set up an anonymous survey. If you are interested please click on the link below to answer 8 questions and register your interest. If enough people indicate they are interested he will make the effort to sort something out.

SURVEY LINK: http://FreeOnlineSurveys.com/start.asp?sid=djsryff53a64oet576553

If you could be kind enough to announce it on the PCM website so those who are interested could join this inaugural race or just fill in the online survey. Or, if any of you would have any comments or information ie how to go about with police dsbnya, maybe you could email Nick and advise him accordingly.

Many thanks to all.

Ahmad P @ Enche Bon and Nick Flyger

Taken from an email by Enche Bon.

On a lighter note, I know i haven't made the announcement yet. Bad boy.