Rain, rain go away... Come again another day.

I was already at the mamak. It was raining. While I was refueling myself with 100Plus I smsed all my cycling friends there's slim chance there will be a ride. Great friends they are, they still came even the rain was getting heavier by the minutes.

The rain stopped and poured again. Cars, vans, mpvs and 4-wheelers, all with bikes, came into the parking lots one by one. Some took their bikes down and waited. Some waited at the mamak. It was raining even more.

Many more cyclists came but the rain hasn't stopped. Everyone seemed to be geared up even though they were having chats and laughs with friends over a hot teh tarik. I was scared to initiate the ride. I'm too scared anything bad will happen if we really ride in the rain. And it didn't really look like it was going to stop anytime soon.

Despite of a few cyclists left, everyone seemed eager to continue with the mass. I asked most of them whether they want a ride or not, they all unanimously said yes. I was even more surprised, there were people came all the way from Malacca and Ipoh to join in the mass. So Chris, because you said you want a ride - we gave a ride lah. :P

But it was still raining.

I made the first move to unload my bike and everyone followed. People started gathering at the briefing point. Gave a little brief. Hafiz was made lead cyclist. This kid is really, really fast. So he got the lead.

The rain stopped.
And we rode the tar and grime.

1 wet evening.
1 pre-cycling session.
100 or more enthusiastic cyclists.
Several good-hearted regulars.
5 voluntary marshall cars
No authorities.
No Jerit.
100% fun.
100% safe ride.
1 post-cycling session.
And all smiles.

We ended the year with even more laughters, smiles and a true cycling heart.
Thank you everyone. :)

images by Taufiq Basikal Oren

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azizan fixie said...

I need a fixie ride! Eh i brought along a new fixie kaki...and we decided that we will still ride if u cancel it. It was a cooling and enjoyable ride...and made new friends as well!

"Don't wait till your heart beat faster and your urine taste sweeter"

flatfinger said...

wuwuwu..dah update blog akuk ngan gambo...link please...kekeke

pejai said...

Nice ride n nice riders..sry tak dapat lepak dkat mamak lepas ride..kene terus balik sbb ada hal lain lak(baby kecik-40days- dok tgu dkat rumah)
hope to c PCM 2009 soon.

Angah said...

Angah datang with hubby but decided to balik around 10pm. Hubby pun dah pewai sebab baru jer sampai dari Kuantan... kalu perasan.. kereta hitam ngan santacruz blur warna putih kat carrier...

aini sms bgtau you all ride jugak ferrrr jeles siuttt

heero yui said...

angah : lugi looo tak ride hehehehe aku perasan gak ler keta yang balik tuh bigmac yg bagitau

bola2api said...

nasib baik i tak tertido atas bike wehhhhh

balik2 rumah, nasib baik bwk kunci yg betul haha.. kalo tak, mesti dpt satu round lagi syarahan ..

heero yui said...

weh aini..time ko nak balik ari tu tak sempat aku nak tanya kunci umah ada bawak tak hehehehe kalu tak taskirah awal pagi sabtu la yer hehehehe