Who would've thought?

I was the first to turn out that night. And no one, I repeat, NO ONE was there.

Received an sms earlier that evening from Rudy asking me, "Putrajaya weather ok?" I didn't reply but i prayed hard. Thank God it wasn't. But I was getting worried by 9.10 there were only 10 of us stood there waiting... By 9.20, cars with bike started coming in and i was relieved and started smiling. Two guys came from Malacca. Thanks for coming!

We were surprise when we had a visit from Mr. Shaharuddin Jaafar, one of the first Malaysian cyclist who won a gold medal in 1962 SEA Games. We were honoured when he joined in the mass.

There were young kids in bikes. Amir, a great supporter, came with his kid, on a cool tandem (this guy came for the first mass, riding on a trike!) We had a great number of seniors and seemed everyone had a wide smile on their face. Families, locals and regulars came to conquer the tar and grime of Putrajaya and still had good fun.

It wasn't raining that night, and there were 80 of us. Who would've thought?

images by Wan Ironhorse

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Tan Kien Boon said...

Daoh..good ideas about bringing in the gals... I will put the PCM announcement at Kilang Royal Selangor's canteen. Wait till you see the oceans of blue uniforms hitting Putrajaya!! Semua Ah Lian, Marianne, Yati, Kajang Nancy and Jinjang Joe join the ride...aahaha..

Daoh Darko said...

Ah Boon,
You one funny dude la! Kajang Nancies also got meh? Don't care la!
Don't forget the Indon Nengs as well. Haha!

rudy said...

huahuahauah.. trima kasih enche wan sebab amek gambar saya!

KOOKY KASH said...

Guys, I will be riding with you for the next ride! Baru dapat tahu ni. So, will be asking my girl friends to join too…

Daoh Darko said...

Haloo kooky!
Must bring! Or would rather be chased by 50 other lycra-clad men in bike all to yourselves? :P

Must come ok? Thanks!

Enche Bon said...

Daoh, thanks for having us :) Will try and trick, manipulate and drag a few more of my friends for the next PCM :)


rudy said...

huahuahahaha it's a must weii.. i'll definately be there.. and my cam will be full of babes photos and not you guys..woagahahah

azizan fixed gear said...

Best dapat jumpa member2 baru Enche bon, shariffah, bola2api, zul touring bike, md noh, pian n ramai lagi. Thanks to Apai sebab tolong pamkan tayar aku:-)

Amir Faezal said...

Good ride. Great choice of route. excellent organization. I enjoyed the company and my son says he'd like to ride the tandem again. For a kid who grows up on a strict diet of PS2, the fact that he enjoyed getting on a bicycle must mean something, so I must thank you guys.

I liked the laid back feel about this PCM group. Very friendly, accessible to everyone where seasoned riders and newbies all feel at home.

There is no elitism in attitude or choice of bikes. High end Colnagos and Pinarellos ride side by side with folders, fixies and mountain bikes with knobbies and triple clamp forks (I thought I saw a downhill bike in the car park).

So the message is clear, just ride whatever bike you have at home. For this I think you have created a niche in the Klang Valley cycling circle. This non-exclusive openness is the single most important thing in order to get the masses to get on their bikes. After all PCM is about getting the critical mass to start looking at the bicycle as a tool to get around rather than just an expensive toy for competition or serious recreation. The casual, relaxed atmosphere is part of what keeps PCM what it is

See you guys for the Shah Alam ride on the 21st and the next PCM