Last mass we had a problem. Not really a big problem. But a problem indeed. Several cylists got lost during the ride due to over excitement that gone off from 15kmph to straight 30. :P In the end from a group, it became two then became multiple groups. Hehe.

Yes, we had a few complaints about the last mass (especially from someone who came all the way from Kampung Pandan had a hard time finding the meeting point and ended up at the local pasar malam here :P). We obliged to take the blame.

Though the concept of a critical mass is there is no regular routes (anyone is free to ride anywhere, everywhere), but we thought of bending the 'rules' a little bit. Due to the reason, many are not really familiar with Putrajaya.

So we decided to give you guys a map of the ride. Like finally... The route is still a surprise, we will post it up soon and distribute them at the mass. May not be for regulars but check this out. A good stretch for roadies and speed demons to stream down to a 50km/h, plus, two exact stops where every one can regroup. No more pasar malam, no more ke laut or sungai. :)

We hope that you guys will keep on coming to the cycling celebration. It's a good exposure for the noobies and great hub for the pros to get to know others. We're trying our best to give a good ride to everyone who comes mass.

Check out this spot for the map update. Have a great weekend (ride...)

On a lighter note, I find this spot on the net a couple of months back. Good bike culture, good online mag and very down-to-earth (despite some four-letter words used in various articles inside). I dream where our country has enough cyclists to commute everywhere, anywhere with bike lanes stretching across our highways and cities. I tried cycling to work a few times and most of the times, motorists honked at me I'm being too slow. I'm on a bicycle, morons...


Anonymous said...

aku setuju dgn apa yg korang lakukan.
dan aku tahu anda ada cara anda tersendiri,
sepertimana critical mass di mana2 pown.
tujuan kita adalah nk berbasikal ramai2,
sebab?xperlu ada sebab pown boleh,
ada sebab mcm love cycling,alternative to driving,or juga ada cyclist nk sistem kenderaan awam menyediakan kemudahan untuk cyclist.
so skarng aku rasa patut ada meeting,antara cyclist or critical mass pj or kl,aku x suka sebutkan mcm kepunyaan plak la,sebab benda nie btol2 fees and stuff rye,aku taw korang bersetuju.
yang aku rasa perlu untuk dimesyuratkan adalah mcm mana nk tambah bilangan cyclist untuk bersama-sama cycle.
x kisah bmx ke,mtb ke,road ke,racing ke,downhill ke,scooter kaki ke.mcm buat bike parade kecil-kecilan,or workshop safety,bicycle tips,picnic,cycle 2 event ke.
apa pendapat korang?

Daoh Darko said...

hi anonymous,
saya dan kawan2 takde masalah tentang nak meet up and have a good discussion. Boleh lepak, borak dan gelak2. Maybe sebelum or lepas tu kita kayuh. :)

Interested email kat saya details (contact number) kat putrajayamasser[at]

Anonymous said...