Putrajaya Critical Mass #2 - 30 May 2008

The second ride is on!
Bring your bikes doesn’t matter whether it’s MTB, BMX, tricycle, road bikes as long it’s on wheels but not on engines. Bring your spouse, your children, your parents and everyone to join the celebration of cycling.

Alrite, we had a little difficulty on the meeting point during our first mass. So we've decided to change the venue this time. Now it's at Mamak Double Trouble in presint 9. Like its name, it is at a row of shophouses where there are two mamak restaurants happily situated side by side. :) On each corner lots there's a Perodua Showroom and The Star office. This venue is situated behind a food court and a Dewan Serbaguna Presint 9.

Some of us regulars in Putrajaya would know this place. Get in contact with them. I'm sure plenty of regulars across Klang Valley know this place.

But don't worry, i will put up a map to the place soon! (I'm too lazy right now. Just finished the flyer design. :P)

Venue: Mamak Double Trouble, Presint 9
Date: 30 May 2008
Meet Time: 9.00 PM
Ride Time: 9.30 PM SHARP!

Help us to promote Putrajaya Critical Mass by distributing our May flyer.
Save the image above, photocopy and distribute to as much people as you can.
(You can get the black and white version here!)

Be safe, bring ride lamps (blinkers) and wear your helmets.


heero yui said...

ingat korang nak buat kat shah alam plak kali ni. cannot conform boleh turun ke tak kali ni sibuk skit bulan5 ni banyak outstation

Daoh Darko said...

Sorry la cancel last minute. Sebab tak cukup kaki tangan nak recce route kat Shah Alam. Tapi rasanya bulan depan insyaallah kita buat di Shah Alam. :)

Minta maaf banyak2. Sebarang kesulitan amatlah dikesali. :(

g2cycle said...

Dude.already promote critical mass#2 in our blog.Hope for more to come lah.Btw korang tiap2 mlm jumaat kayuh kat putrajaya kan?nak join la dis week.Where the meeting place eh?

Daoh Darko said...

Hallo g2cycle! Thanks for promoting the event in your blog! Tiap2 khamis malam and jumaat malam ada je orang akan ride putrajaya. Meeting point kat Mamak Double Trouble. Jumpa orang kat sana yang tgh pasang basikal tegur je. :D Semua orang friendly tak kira beginners or pro riders.

Jumpa kat sana! :)