And we rode for the first time...

From the first time i started designing the flyer, i thought the turn out would be ten people the most but last night proved me wrong.

The turn out was around 30 riders who came from Putrajaya, Bangi, Kajang, Puchong, Petaling Jaya, Shah Alam and as far as Mantin to join the 'fun peloton'. Started a bit late as we saw a few more riders still unloading their bikes but when the ride was on, all were pretty much excited on what the Putrajaya loop had to offer.

Everything went well. We didn't really block the traffic, but yeah, we conquered the whole lane to ourselves. Drivers honked with full amusement and curiosity. Imagine 30 riders cheering, chatting and getting to know each other while riding 15km non-stop.

We stopped at the peak of the steady and gradual hill climb. Everyone was happy. Someone who escorted us the whole way provided isotonic drinks and chocolates.

Unfortunately, i fell from my bike when we were about to start again. I was leading and going downhill moderately fast. My front wheel went off track when it bumped on a stone. Didn't get to unclipped the shoes so i went falling facedown. :(

To be frank i was too embarrased to face everyone as i was the host for the night. But everyone came to the rescue and helped me up back on my bike. The escort offered me a ride in the car but i refused and finished the leg.

Last nite was a great nite. I enjoyed it. And I hope everyone else did too.

For the few weeks ahead i will be hanging my bike for a while. My face is bruising. My knees and elbows are burning. Till the next ride, next month, last Friday. Watch this space for the shout out!


Alan said...

I think you should publicize it more to get more riders to come ...

Daoh Darko said...

Yeah, planning the next Critical Mass ride now. Gonna allocate some cash to produce flyers and posters to distribute. :)

Not sure where is the venue yet. But most prolly in Shah Alam. Where ever it is come and support us yeah? Thanks!

heero yui said...

alop beb amacam jatuh ari tu dah ok ker hahaha
kalu ada ride lagi roger la kalu tak der apa hal aku turun lagi. ari tu first time ikut korang.

Daoh Darko said...

allo heero! terima kasih datang event hari tu. hehehehe... aku sihat. baru masuk keje hari ni. bibir dah surut. badan dah ok. tinggal basikal jek belum tgk ok ke tidak. rasa2 nya gears sumer ok. tapi headset dah senget. :P

shark_attaque ngan azmir ada cadang nak buat kat Shah Alam. Tapi belum confirm lagi. Nak kena recce dulu.

nanti aku update soon! terima kasih daun keladi, next time kita ride lagi... :)

Pinkiest Stiletto said...


adeke naik beskal sampai jatuh? merbahaya.

Alan said...

No problem ... i did join you guys the first time around and it was fun.

Just keep this webspace updated ..