Putrajaya Critical Mass - 26 February 2010

Let's get it rolling again this month!
Hope everyone can make it (and it's not raining!) this time.

Date: 26 February 2010
Venue: Palace of Justice, Putrajaya
Meet time: 9.00pm
Rock and Rollin': 9.30pm sharp!!!
*Don't be late - we ain't gonna wait

Don't forget to bring helmets, lights and bikes!


Allen Lai said...

Hi all,

Sorry I am unable to ride this month. Will be in Langkawi this weekend.

Feeling sad and gonna miss you all.

Enjoy yourself. Ride Safe.


Daoh Darko said...

Hi Allen,
Too bad, we're definitely going to miss you this time as well.

But have a great trip and fun for the ironman Langkawi! :D

All the best!

kuman said...

Balik Johor sebab ader kenduri arwah... nampaknya gagal lagi nak join PCM

zamrus said...

laaaa.....lama tak joint pcm.sekarang dah pindah seremban ..so ada program kayuh mlm jumaat jam 9.30 pm. kumpul dataran senawang -paroi -lake garden sbn-dataran seremban-lap bandar seremban -seremban 2-higway rasah-jalan tampin-ttj-dataran senawang 45-50km je.semua laluan ada lampu jalan.sapa nak join ....email zamparoi@gmail.com