Gopeng Peanut Search - 15 November 2009

Gopeng Peanut Search is designed as a fun & exciting event for mountain bikers & outdoor enthusiasts. It is not a race in the traditional sense, rather a navigational challenge done on mountain bikes over 5 hours. There will be prizes for top finishers and also Lucky Draw goodies for participants who returned within the time limit and achieved the minimum score. Confirmed event sponsors todate are Teva, Redbull, Corezone, GPS-Hypermart and couple more to come.

Checkpoints are spread out over surroundings of Gopeng. Variety of routes is on offer, taking riders on a journey to discover hidden gems around the area. Suitable for technical riders who yearn for some new challenge, and also newbies who want a more laidback ride to a famous makan stop.

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Anonymous said...

Kalau Jumaat ini (02/10/2009), "PCM Hari Raya" bagus juga.....masih ada bau-bau lemang dan rendang.

Ejoi said...

Kampung halaman saya ni!

Tak dapat dinafikan bahawa persekitaran di gopeng agak sesuai untuk melaksanakan aktriviti berbasikal lasak. Banyak kawasan berbukit dan tanah lapang yang sesuai untuk aktiviti sebegini.

Pekan Gopeng dan sekitarnya juga amat seronok untuk berbasikal santai.

Tak perlu basikal MTB, menggunakan basikal tua pun sudah cukup.

Pekannya sungguh tenang dan laidback.