Thank you for your time.

Dear all,
First of all, I would like to thank you for all your comments in this blog. I am very much confused and most of all sad to some critics that we've been getting. I do not like to be emotionally involved and prefer to be on a neutral side but I think it would be wrong if my friends and I are not taking a stand on what we believe - Putrajaya Critical Mass.

On behalf of good followers of PCM, I would like to make clear with certain issues.

I do not like others to perceive this ride as something violent-cause ride or an active-aggressive protest gathering. PCM is a friendly, non-biased, non-political, non-sponsored (trust me, we didn't ask but a lot has offered to sponsor us) and only for the cause of promoting cycling. No more, no less.

Critical Mass is to share. I hope in every other city especially in Malaysia will have one in the near future. When I started this PCM, it was all for one thing - to promote cycling among friends and to the community in Klang Valley. Critical mass in other cities fight/advocates/protests/celebrates many different causes and values. Critical Mass in Putrajaya is to promote cycling as a fun alternative and healthy lifestyle.

PCM has been attended by many different races, status, new beginners and pro riders. But all to attend in the believe of cycling is fun and healthy. Pure fun. Non-violence.

PCM is to educate and introduce cycling as an alternative and healthy lifestyle. I've seen someone who can only cycle 5km, now doing at least 30-40kms a week. Thanks to good friends of PCM, we always encourage new guys/girls to do more cycling. Now most of them are hardcore riders who cycle to work, hashing in jamborees, at least a frequent weekend warrior.

That is what we PCM called a progress. Might be nothing to others but a success to us. We don't fight for cycling rights because in Malaysia our cycling community is still small. We go to jamborees, hashes, races and tours but only a few of us cycle to work or even to nearest 7-11 kiosk. Tell me how can PCM start to a cause for cycling rights or any other radical ideas if most of us still drives? Understand we are a very small group no matter how big you think we are.

PCM is only 9 months old. We are still in our baby steps. We are learning and accepting new challenges. We take everything constructive seriously but we don't really tolerate on any stupidity and negativeness towards PCM. Something that is against our belief that cycling should be fun, safe and alternative at this moment is definitely ridiculous. Nothing radical. Nothing illogical to the community.

Let me remind you, I am not a leader like some of you (even some in the mass) might think. I am just an initiator. I started this. I created the blog. I did the flyers. I started this with my own beliefs. And slowly I educate my friends about Critical Mass. I asked, begged my friends to help me with this ride. I never pushed, forced any of my cycling friends to come. I was never a boss in any way possible to this ride. I never even asked to be called, labelled as "Captain" or "Boss" or any other superior-being in this ride.

But I would love to be merely called as a friend. Other than I mentioned above, I am no more than just an enthusiast like you guys. I love cycling. My bike is no bling. But it takes me to point A to point B. I am not a bike snob.

Dear all,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who was involved, attended, rode, crashed, smiled, laughed, cam-whored, cussed, bitched, crashed (i think i was the only one!) etc.
Last year was a beginning (nevertheless a blast!) and we're still learning.

A new year is coming. I believe in continuing PCM in the years to come. My friends and I will take PCM to a new different height, more fun and excitements. PCM is for everyone and everyone to share. Your support, your energy, your time and your smiles are what we always appreciate and cherish.

From the bottom of my velo heart, thank you again. Happy new year.

Sudah la. Tak kira la nak naik beskal murah ke, mahal ke, main gitar ke. Kayuh je la. HAHA!


Daoh Darko said...

Did i mentioned crashed twice? Man!

azizan fixie said...

"We cannot become what we need to be by remaining what we are"

Haitsan said...

We are proud to be Malaysian!
gue biasa2 aje deh! lagi wife nye gue mahu nukar ngejot speda road semata-mata kerna PCM... Yok! jangan jadi bajingan.. ngejot aje dong!! banyak ngobrol nanti ngejot nye dikit aje...

Oi! sauga.. sauga Oi! Oi!
(aku dukung PCM loe dari belakang dude!)

Taufiq Beskal Oren said...

Aku berbangga dpt join PCM, walaupun bukan dari awal² event ni dimulakan, tapi aku tau, dgn kehadiran aku yg sorg ni menjadikan 9 riders, menjadi 10, 99 riders menjadi 100, 499 riders menjadi 500!


Ahmad said...

support u 110%

flatfinger said...

always will be ur wing man dude...

Man CIOCC said...

We're with PCM all the way!

bola2api said...

aku join PCM sbb dekat dgn rumah. Pastu, aku nak kenal geng2 beskal baru so that aku tak ketandusan kwn2 utk ajak kayuh haha

and wat i noticed about cyclists, they always help each other. maybe hari ni hari org lain tayar pancit, esok lusa, mana lah tau, hari kita pulak.. so saling tolong menolong.

apa aku ngarut ni.. dah petang yu ols.. balikkkkkkkk

KOOKY KASH said...

I hope PCM will continue to be the fun ride you guys wanted it to be. It's not a training ride for sure, but a ride where you can mix around with your fellow cyclists.

Eventually, I hope we can take PCM to new locations every few months. That would be so cool! Then every city in different states would know about PCM and see PCM in action.

Good luck, guys! I dah kena retire from PCM. Boss aku suruh aaa…

Bok said...

I hv joined PCM a number of times and I really enjoyed myself. To me, PCM is a fun ride where I got to mingle around with fellow riders. I hv made a lot of friends thru PCM. I'm with PCM all the way! :)

Tan Kien Boon said...

*sob..sob.. ada sentimental sikit lah ini post.. kawan..tadak orang kasi u christmas present ka? ekeke.. macam nak minta aje indirectly..ekeke..

Aku pernah nyanyi lagi ini kat Neway Karaoke tau.. Gua cakap lu, itu lirik pelik sial..but semakin u ride semakin lagu ini bermakna..sampai terbahak-bahak..:P:p:P:p


Angah said...

Lantak la orang nak cakap apa pun...

bulan depan punya PCM aku nak kayuh gaaakkkkkkk.

Best apa jumpa kengkawan baru lebarkan networking....

Daoh Darko said...

Saya tau itu lagu!

"I want to ride my bicycle,
I want to ride bikeeeee..."

Susah hati la Boon. Bonus pun susah mau dapat, increment pun tak confirm. PCM pun orang banyak bising. Christmas pun takda orang mau kasi saya itu DuraAce rims sama satu fizik white saddle.

Hati banyak susah la kawan. Tapi you punya pasal saya happy la... Besok sudah cuti ma! :P Kita pergi karaoke.

heero yui said...

huh huh huh shahdu aku baca post ko kali nih apa pon aku sokong ko ngn PCM sepenuhnya kalu tak..tak der kawan la aku nak kayuh bulan bulan.....marry christmas and happy new year

aofuad said...

I think you are doing a marvellous job. Keep it up.
I am a resident of Putrajaya and shamely i only managed to attend only onc PCM.
However i will try and attend future PCM.
Will also encourage others to join. My Putrajaya Easy Riders will be regulars from now on. Please let Shahrin know if you need any help.
Will try and give more inputs on the safety side of riding in groups and actions to be taken to ensure that it will be a safe outing for all.
Need some mechanism to register the number of riders so that none are missing?
Col Azudin

Daoh Darko said...

Salam Col,
PCM are grateful for PER support. We will take note on your recommendations. We are trying to improve for next year's mass rides.

Sharin is really a BIG help in PCM. Kadang2 kami susah dia sanggup tolong. :)

Kalau Col. baru datang sekali PCM pun, kitorang pun dah seronok. Takpe ada masa boleh datang next month.

Terima kasih daun keladi...

rudy said...

gua sokong lu.. i'll back PCM.
always the sniper of PCM!

Taufiq Beskal Oren said...

Rudy Sniper PENIPU!

Bawak kete! Tak kayuh beskal! ;p hehehe

blucold316 said...

keep it up bro, don't give a DAMNED to what the MONKEYS stupid statements. let's continue next year even if there are two of us, i'll ride with you bro. let me tell them off "PEGI MAMPOS SAMA LU ORANG PUNYA HAL".
don't give up bro. ///

anthem3 kaler biru putih said...

Siamang? hahahahahahah. Kepada sapa-sapa yang rasa diri tu intelectual ... woit bro ... 'hidup jangan campur banyak hal. kalau lu tak suka orang campur lu punya hal, lu jangan campur orang lain punya hal'.

aku kerja tulang empat kerat, susah payah kumpul duit beli basikal, berapa sen duit lu yang aku pakai sampai aku kena kayuh basikal aku ikut definisi lu yang 'intelectual' tu.

Critical Mass ke, Fun Ride ke apa ke? APA ADA PADA NAMA?. Kalau lu rasa nama ada benda yang bermakna, aku rasa lu sendiri pun tak kayuh basikal sambil galas gitar. Janji aku bila orang mintak support pasal basikal aku datang tak kira la apa nama ride sekali pun. Janji kayuh.

Stakat kuat komen je ada hasil ke?.

-Sometimes I do feel like s**t and I ain't happy about that. But I'd rather feel like s**t than be full of s**t.-

P/S : Lu boleh ke datang atas nama lu sebagai ahli muzik kalau persatuan rodat ke, makyung ke, mintak support?.

Man CIOCC said...

It's an open road...left, right, straight ahead or make a U turn, u wanna cross the devider & get knocked down?
"...hit by a car, ended up on a life support machine..."
(Depeche Mode)
Who's your
"Freedom of Choice" (Devo)

U don't like the that TV channel? Change to another. Still don't like it? Buy your own TV station or better get your own SATELLITE!

We Otai juz Wanna Ride Our Basikal!

Beskal Chap Ayam said...

kayuhan tahun baru tak de ker?

bola2api said...

sabtu/ahad mau ride mana?

Azam said...

1st time aku pegi PCM (PCM 2/3 dah lupa dah) aku bwk wife aku skali. dia dah separuh mati nak abihkan the 25k. tapi MrDD was there, with his words of encouragement.(masa tu tak tau keje sama co. heheh). My wife made it, which makes her want to go again and again and again...
then, aku ajak lak kengkawan aku. punya la liat diaorang ni. jenuh memujuk, baru nak dtg. but now, takyah ckp pun, tau tau dah sampai.
apa yg aku nak ckp is, Daoh, what u hv done is great. no questions about it. no 2nd thoughts. Ride On.