No la... Where got rain one? Haha!

Sorry for the late report. I'm out of excuses, already.

It was raining that afternoon. I was staring out of the window, hoping the grey clouds would clear. And it did. By 7.30 i received an SMS by Mr. BasikalPutih saying the coast was clear and PCM was on.

Me and Man CIOCC were the first one at the RV. It was 8.30 (yeah, we came really early), so we had a quick dinner. 15 minutes later, cars with bikes started to arrive.

That nite it was ladies' night. Themed "Babes In Bikeland", the idea was to encourage more female riders to join in the mass ride. Although it was not as many as we're expecting but it was more than the usual.

Kay from the ROP gang, also one of the regulars, came and made new girlfriends. Aini Malakoff (thanks bebeh!) and Little Miss Day-O were there for their second mass. Cool Kash and her hot friend Ro (these are marathoners, ok - jangan main-main wooo) made it just in time as they were lost just 500 meters away from the meeting point. :P Even our regular guys, Atan, Rudy and Azam came with their wives!

I spotted a few more girls in the ride but didn't really get the chance to talk to them. But i think the prom queen goes to Amir's 4-year-old daughter! Check out her picture at the top. Actually she didn't really like me. I was beside her when i took the photo. Haha!

The ride started a bit late. By 9.45pm, Man CIOCC gave a short briefing on the ride and safety. By 9.50pm the ride flagged off with me, Man CIOCC and all the girls leading. The ride ended by 12am, immediately, the rain started again. Ngam2. Good timing. :D

We stopped for a quick photo session at the Mosque roundabout. The guards were pissed when we took our group shots in the middle of the roundabout. He said that our tyres made the cement/tiles crack. Hmm...

That night was another great mass. We got girls, which i hope will be coming for our next mass. And continue to ride with us in PCM. We had great number of massers (I believe there were more or less 100 of us, no?) We had a variety of bikes that night including a fixie, a trike and a cool basikal tua (gerek bang, gerek!) But most importantly we definitely had fun, laughters and a great deal of smiles.

Thank you all for coming to the mass.

To all female riders who made it, from all of us massers, you guys rock! We will make this theme every year, dedicating to all female riders, so watch out for next year's Babes In Bikeland! (Although, Kash you should do an all female ride. PCM will support you 100% - as long we get to be marshals once in awhile! :P)

Till we meet again on the next mass. Terima kasih daun keladi...

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Riezal said...

yeah.. malam tu memang best.. waiting for the next event

Daoh Darko said...

Terima kasih sebab datang. Kita bertegur ke? Kalau tak, minta maaflah... Saya linkkan blog ko ngan report ok? Terimas! :D

Riezal said...

ada bertegur.. tapi dah ramai2 mana nak perasan sgt.. even saya pun tak kenal sapa2 lepas ride tengok blog2 baru tau sapa rider ni sapa rider tu :). no hal beb.. feel free to link my blog..

bola2api said...

happening giler.. best best

bola2api said...

how to send u your pics? ada email?

Daoh Darko said...

You send to firdhaus.m[at] also can.
Thanks babe! Datang lagi next month... Maybe we're bring forward one week earlier. Last friday next month ramai dah cuti and balik kampung. :)

KOOKY KASH said...

Thanks for gathering all of us for this fun ride. Great idea to have the ride a week earlier. I am bringing my Canon. Korang ni pandai betul memposing!

I will email you separately about the Tshirt thingy. Hopefully jadi kali ni.

Daoh Darko said...

Alritey, i do one design over the weekend soon. Malaaaaaaaas sangat ni... Nak design poster lagi. T_T

I will email to u nanti. :)

bola2api said...

nice.. a week early.. my fren from lumut might be able to join :)