Selamat Hari Merdeka!

Last Putrajaya Critical Mass was held on the 22nd of August 2008. Unlike many other Critical Mass across the world we had to do it one week earlier due to a couple of reasons. One, there will be PCC Interstate 2008 going on the 29th and two, Malaysian International Fireworks Competition blasting off the last time on the same date.

We thought the crowd would be in a very small group. Especially everywhere but Putrajaya was raining that night. Still a good hundred plus people came. A good friend and fellow cyclist, Heero, brought 100 flags and within 30 minutes they were finished distributed to those who came.

It was really a great Merdeka ride. Some made new friends, some found their old friends. There were families, children, friends and even people in their roaring 50’s. We had everyone involved this time, from all walk of lives with different races and ages. We didn’t ride as cyclists we are but we rode as Malaysians.

I personally love all your smiles.
Selamat Hari Merdeka.
Selamat Berpuasa.

PS: Again, I forgot to bring my camera that night. Sigh.

More pics and reports here:
Knight riders at Putrajaya by Berisman
Putrajaya Critical Mass by ProjectRudy
Putrajaya Critical Mass with Merdeka theme by basikalputih
Busy month and PCM#5 by Heero Yui

Photos were from Man CIOCC from Bangi. I mean, look at that... you got the 40's till 14 years old grinning that night. Man said his son and friends had fun that night. The kids were among the first few groups leading the mass. Laju maa... Tak hisap rokok. :P


heero yui said...

weh link aku tuh nak kata more pic tuh tak der la aku pon grab dari pic orang gak hehehehe

rudy said...

layan beb... wei bulan posa ni ada ride tak? kalau ada jgn lupa inform aku

Daoh Darko said...

hahahahah saja je heero... aku dah takde modal nak nulis :P

rudy, jumaat ni insyaallah ada ride kat putrajaya. tapi tak tau la kol baper. nanti aku bitau ko.

Berisman said...

I was one of those in their 'roaring' 50's struggling to finish the 20km ride.Thanks to the organisers,Sharin and my schoolmates Saifuddin and Nadim.
Thanks to Heero for the free flag.

--Pak Adib aka Berisman

Beskal Chap Ayam said...

berisman umur bukan penghalang....cayo laaaa