More photos PCM 190908 by Man CIOCC

Last PCM was definitely awesome. We got more and more pictures for you guys. Don't be jealous if you didn't get to come the last time. There will be another ride next month! So come, bring your friends, families and cameras! :D

To the dude with the cun Cinelli, kindly contact me, Firdhaus, at
Man CIOCC very interested in buying your integrated handlebar. Commission 5% please. Haha!

Okay there were plenty of young riders that night. But this kid really caught our attention. He didn't wear his helmet, no lycras, no spandex, no shoes. But selipar jepun! And he rode all the way from Kajang/Bangi with his friends to ride in the mass. :P Kid, be careful but thanks for coming!

Images by: Man CIOCC from Kajang

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Cool Ride Hu Hu Hu by Heero Yui


rudy said...

huahuhahuahuaha.. akhirnya ada gak gamba gua

Daoh Darko said...

:D ada dude... ada...

Berisman said...

A lot of nice photos.How I wish I could be there to take photos.Nak kayuh tak larat bulan puasa.

By the way, when is the next Putrajaya Critical Mass?

--Pak Adib

Tabok said...

wan gores dan menang pon ada?