New faces, new mass...

Hi everyone! First of all i would like to apologise for the late report on our second Putrajaya Critical Mass last Friday. The next day i had to go down south in Johor. And the rest of the weekdays were mad ones. I tried to cycle to work last Tuesday (36km one way, 1 hour and a half) expecting the petrol price to be increased. But what I didn't expect was the price revision will be effecting today. :P But that's another story...

Last Friday, 26 cyclists from all over Klang Valley joined in the mass. A little less than the first one but yet everyone was having mad fun. Somebody (Heero!) from Kajang with a pink bike bell and started ringing till the end. Someone (Abang Enul!) from Puchong and put on his hp for some music.

The traffic was surprisingly quite massive that day. Thankfully, Putrajaya regulars were there to help to guide the mass, stopping traffics and even a few went back to sweep the ones who left behind. Again, motorists were in awe and amazement with the mass, thinking how cool we are that night.

We ended the ride around 12 in the morning and straight to Mamak Double Trouble. It was a great ride and I would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who came and help during the mass. I also would like to apologise to two special Putrajaya regulars, Shah and Kay of the misscommunications... Sorry la koraaaaang... :P

I was expecting more people this time around because of the great responses from the first mass. But 26 fun massers were enough to take the whole Putrajaya that night. Congratulations! I hope you guys will still be a masser on the next event. You MUST, revolt to petrol price! Vive le Velorution!

P/S: I forgot to bring my camera on the night... Damn... Anyone?


Belacak said...


I was there last mass as an observer. Thinking to join next ride and hope u guys using the correct time zone not the GMT! I 'll be riding RB.